Mallerie Stromswold (R) Votes Against Female Athletes in Montana House


The GOP has always been the party of equality and fairness, and was the party to bring you abolition and the Civil Rights Movement. Being a Republican has always meant sticking up for the little guy and making sure the law applies to everyone.

Somebody needs to fill in Rep. Mallerie Stromswold (R?) on that point, because she just voted against female athletes.

HB112 is a bill designed to protect female athletes and preserve the fairness they are entitled to under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972. That set of laws, known as Title IX, requires athletic programs to offer fair and equitable treatment in regard to program access. Title IX is the reason why girls have to be offered an alternative athletics program for every program offered to boys. The bill ensures that women can compete in a fair environment, with their respective physical abilities taken into honor and consideration.

However, thanks to the recent redefinition of gender as something separate from biological sex (this notion is less than 2 decades old and until very recently was considered spurious), many throughout America’s cities are asserting that one’s gender is a matter of subjective wishes rather than objective physical reality. And those same individuals are demanding that young men who desire to be women be allowed to wrestle, spar, race, and compete against young ladies.

The photographs of this anti-woman tragedy tell the story of many thousands of words. See below.

Caster Semena. Not a girl.
“Laurel” Hubbard. Not a girl.
“Hannah” Mouncey (not a girl)

Those photos are of “trans” athletes. Another acceptable term, and a more scientific one, than “transgender” is “someone pretending to be the wrong gender.” And in this case, young men are putting on their makeup, growing out some hair, and demanding to be accepted in women’s sporting leagues. Almost always, the young man dominates their competition.

Young women in America already have enough challenges; they don’t need one more unnecessary obstacle in the way of accomplishing their dreams. Surely it’s dangerous for women to make a spectacle sport out of watching a man pound into sand his female opponents all because he suffers from gender dysphoria. Men hurt women enough already; we don’t need to be watching that for entertainment.

At its heart, the notion that boys should be able to wrestle, fight, or race girls because they suffer a mental illness is anti-science. Regardless of whether or not a man has started taking testosterone blockers and may, in some cases, started taking estrogen, doesn’t make him a woman and doesn’t level the playing field. No matter their current hormone levels, they still have 15, 20, or 25 years of muscles built up from when their hormones worked properly.

As Joe Rogan, the comedian and MMA announcer, said on his podcast, “It’s crazy but if you question it, you’re a bigot. There’s a reason why we’ve had male and female sports, that men and women don’t compete against each other. It’s because we’ve agreed okay, there are obviously huge differences… very athletic men, nonathletic men and a huge spectrum of women, very athletic women, and nonathletic women.”

Rogan continued, “But we agreed that it seems to be a big advantage to be male when it comes to physical sports so we’re going to separate them. But if you have male versus female sports as long as the male identifies as a female, we’re supposed to go, ‘Well what are you going to do?”

Watch the video below to hear Rogan explain how “transgender athletes” hurt women…

Women agree with this assessment. Approving males to compete against females, they would argue, is against women.

One mother wrote about her daughter being forced to lose titles to boys pretending to be girls in the New York Post, “Alanna has devoted countless days, nights and weekends to training. She pushes herself to shave mere fractions of a second from her race times, yet she positions herself at the starting line knowing that, even with all that training and with her best effort, the odds are against her, the numbers are against her and that fairness doesn’t really exist.”

The mother went on…

“Since 2017, our state’s high-school athletic conference has allowed biological boys to compete against girls. It’s enough that they subjectively identify as female. Since then, two biological boys have won 15 women’s track championships, titles held by nine different girls in 2016. Not only that, the same two biological boys have taken away more than 50 chances for girls to compete at the next level of competition, running these girls right off the track and forcing them to be spectators in their own sport.

She says, “As a parent, it is gut-wrenching to know that no matter how hard my daughter works to achieve her goals, she will lose athletic opportunities to a pernicious gender ideology. Left unchecked, this ideology will, in the long run, eliminate fair play for all biological females in all sports.” 

Shame on Rep. Stromswold, because Montana’s female athletes deserve better treatment than what she is giving them.


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  1. This liberal republican is more evidence the amendment needs to be rescinded.
    And her constituents need to be slapped for allowing this liberal to be their
    representative. Sick


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