Pro-Life Group Opens Eyes and Saves Lives in Helena


It has been said that the character of a nation can be determined by the way it treats its sick, aged, and vulnerable. Using that formula as a guide, a strong case can be made that America has failed miserably on all 3 counts.

The pandemic event of 2020 clearly illustrated the blatant disregard that some public servants have for the sick and aged. But, overshadowed by the wall-to-wall coverage of COVID was the fact that unborn children were still being murdered with the approval of the state each day.

Since the Supreme Court ruling on the landmark Roe vs. Wade case in 1973, concerned Americans have joined together across the country to advocate for the rights of the unborn and to provide a voice for the vulnerable. One such group that is making a big difference in Montana is Pro-Life Helena, located in Montana’s Capitol.

Pro-Life Helena is a grassroots organization whose stated mission is “to protect the sanctity of life and to protect the unborn.” Their Helena location indeed gives Pro-Life great advantages during the legislative session, but it is their work performed outside of the halls of power in Helena via the sidewalk program that is most rewarding.

Pro-Life Helena President, Sharon Nason joined Jim White on Montana Gazette Radio recently to discuss the group’s upcoming March for life event and to share one account of success that her cadre of “sidewalk warriors” achieved by educating a couple parents and saving the life of an unborn child.

The first video below contains Sharon’s life-saving account, while the second video is our full interview.


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