Steve Daines Virtue Signals With a Falsehood About ‘Proud Boys’


President Trump was ruthlessly attacked after his first presidential debate with Joe Biden, when he failed to instantaneously denounce the “Proud Boys” on cue. Refusing to perform a dancing monkey trick, Trump denounced all forms of racism, having been unfamiliar with the Proud Boys or their dogmas. Nonetheless, the leading question from Chris Wallace was used to paint the Proud Boys as the rightwing version of Antifa.

Of course, the Proud Boys are nothing like Antifa, if for no other reason the group didn’t set fire to any American cities this year. They are responsible for organizing not a single riot. The group may be extreme, but it doesn’t present any kind of tangible threat to national security, like Black Lives Matter or Antifa.

The Proud Boys, founded by Gavin McInnes in 2016, is a multi-ethnic group of white, black, brown, and Indigenous men who hold to a belief called Western Chauvinism. The term doesn’t speak to their beliefs about gender but refers to their assertions that Western Culture is superior to other cultures (which, of course, it is if for no other reason, Western Culture’s unique emphasis on civil liberties, individual rights, capitalism, and education). The group is not racist (culture is transracial and Western Culture includes nations of almost every ethnicity), and its director happens to be a black man named Enrique Tarrio.

Convinced that Western Culture is in decline, that men are too effeminate, and that young men aren’t challenged enough to self-actualize their potential, the Proud Boys is a fraternity of sorts, complete with various hazing rituals and bizarre rules. Mostly, the Proud Boys show up wherever riots are already happening and patrol the area looking for a fistfight. At best, the organization is an over-correction to the delicate Snowflake Culture liberals have fostered in the universities. At worst, it’s a ragtag group of young men who act as provocateurs to rioters who are already provoked.

Apparently under the pressure of political correctness, Senator Daines denounced the group on Twitter yesterday.

Daines also denounced Q’Anon as “false and dangerous,” a designation that is slightly more grounded in truth than his assertion about the Proud Boys. And in the tweet, he appears to equivocate between the Proud Boys and Antifa, even though there’s no comparison when it comes to property crimes, vandalism, rioting, and arson. The latter group, Antifa, particpates in such things while the Proud Boys do not.

The FBI had to remove their claim that the Proud Boys were racist in 2018 after a lack of evidence became apparent that they held any White Supremacist belief. So why is Daines still making the claim?

The answer is probably that Beltway pundits and hardcore leftists are still giving the talking point in D.C., where Daines spends his time. Unfortunately, the facts do not bear witness to the claim. Montanans should expect our leaders to be literate and exercise due dilligence in their research before denouncing a movement on false pretenses.


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