As Whitefish MT Veterinarian is Chosen for Health Board, Flathead Patriots Disapprove


On Tuesday, January 19th, 2021, a new member was appointed to the Flathead County Board of Health. Jessica Malberg-Fiftal was chosen unanimously and defeated nine other aspirants vying for a position on the board. Jessica is a Veterinarian, (DVM, MSPH, DACVR) And, she’s from Whitefish.

Commissioner Holmquist responded to a disappointed citizen (concerning the choosing of this particular candidate) and assured her that, “[The commissioners] questioned the veterinarian on her Constitutional principles and they were all satisfied with her answers.”

Commissioner Brodehl stated, “She answered all my civil liberty questions correctly so we are confident she will be objective.”

Nothing could be further from the truth. They were lied to. Malberg-Fiftal is anything but Constitutionally minded. She outright deceived and defrauded our elected officials. She misled them.

Her statements when she called into a recent Health Board meeting revealed thus, “If you are truly pro-life, act like it. Put a mask on and vote like you care more about those around you than you do about the freedom to pack together as many people as you can and spit on whomever you please for the next few months.”

Fiftal also spouted from a previous meeting where she gave input, “As a fifth-generation Montanan and a Veterinary Radiologist with a Masters of Science in Public Health, I am requesting that you enforce the wearing of masks in public and limit large gatherings. There are members of this board who are more interested in propagating conspiracy theories than they are protecting their community.”

Fiftal perhaps needs to be reminded that many local Flathead residents have been inflicted with Double Pneumonia, Staph infections, and other serious breathing issues as a direct result of being forced to wear these unconstitutional face diapers.

Her statements were especially condescending as she “praised” the four board members who issued (in her opinion) scientific “facts.” In a pretentious manner she remarked, “I really appreciate the members of the board that have stepped up, they’ve been super professional, they’ve really repeated really obvious things that are scientific facts and they’ve been really patient. (That’s debatable if anyone has listened to these men speak during health board meetings.) Fiftal’s verbal tone and comments towards the four female board members who voted against unconstitutional restrictions and especially Dr. Annie Bukachek are appalling.

Listen from the six-minute mark to hear Fiftal speak (below).

Let us remember, however, just how ridiculously far off one of those particular member’s facts were, (board Chairman Bill Burg) which were supposedly based on science as he calculated wrongly by a couple of thousand people presumed to be dead from Covid 19 in the Flathead Valley by the fall of 2020!

Wednesday, after having gone back and listened to Fiftal’s comments of the December 17th meeting, two commissioners stated they were, “very concerned.”

(Every health board meeting should be gone through, in a detailed manner, with a fine-toothed comb by County Commissioners.)

Julie Martin, (RN, BSN, ACN) commented, “In my experience with veterinarians, coupled with Dr. Malberg-Fiftal’s (anyone else get nervous with people with hyphenated names??) infectious disease background (translation – how to use Big Pharma drugs and vaccines to “control” diseases), we are in for yet another vaccine Nazi on our board. Veterinarians are worse about vaccines than even human

The three county commissioners chose Fiftal above the others because of her expertise as a veterinarian. “We’ve never had a veterinarian on the board.”

Sharise Clostio was second up for the position. In contrast, Clostio is an honest and devout patriot and avid constitutionalist on top of being a qualified nurse, with almost three decades of experience ranging from infants to the elderly. Flathead patriots went the extra mile by endorsing her. A true freedom-lover is far preferred over a tyrannical veterinarian.


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