Montana Gazette Will Be At the Pro-Life Protest on Monday…Will You Join Us?


The annual right to life rally, ordinarily observed inside the State Capitol, was scuttled after requests were denied to have it inside. Apparently, the folks who run the Capitol think that COVID-19 is a worse killer than Planned Parenthood. In actuality, Planned Parenthood has killed approximately 1,250 Montanans since COVID-19 first broke out in Montana and COVID-19 itself has only killed 1,102.

Facts aside, the legions of pro-life opponents from throughout Montana have been disinvited from the People’s House because of a mild to severe respiratory bug. Perhaps the same people who made the decision that a rally is dangerous also decided that Christmas Trees can spread COVID last December. We don’t remember health departments throwing a monkey wrench into Black Lives Matter marches, but no one expects health departments to be objective these days.

Nonetheless, pro-baby Montanans will still be gathering outside the capitol for what is now a protest rather than a rally (some organizers might equivocate on that point) at noon on January 25.

Roughly 1,500 Montanans die each year from surgical abortions, with countless more exterminated through chemical weapons available at the local pharmacy, whose numbers go largely unreported. In total, approximately 75,000 Montanans have died since the Roe V Wade pandemic began in 1973.

Meanwhile, Montana remains one of only 14 states that have made no attempt to defund Planned Parenthood from state resources. Remember that when you pay your state income taxes…you are funding abortion.

Come and let your voices be heard, and stop to talk to the Montana Daily Gazette while you’re there. We would love to tell your story.


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