Bill in Congress Requires Federal License to Buy Ammo, Bans All Semi-Autos, Taxes Guns at 30%, Ammo at 50%


On January 27 last year, the editor of the Sidney Herald (and Black Lives Matter activist), Amy Effta, wrote disparagingly of Richland County’s ‘Sanctuary for Gun Rights’ movement and said the crowd was “full of old, white men.” In reality, the crowd was more female than male, and we usually don’t make a habit of insulting our elderly in Richland County. Furthermore, the crowd included people of all ages and ethnicities (the first woman to speak up for the movement was an Indigenous Woman). Effta went on the say, “no one wants to take your guns.”

That’s when the idea for the Montana Daily Gazette was born. We knew that we could cover Montana news more carefully and responsibly than the Legacy Press, with all their liberal bias.

Well, it turns out that people do want to take our guns.

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are proposing HR5717, which is just the first in a long line of proposed legislation designed to make it harder and harder for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms and the necessary ammunition to remain responsibly trained to use them.

You can see the bill below or click here to go to that site.

The bill says that it intends to change “the federal framework governing the sale, transfer, and possession of firearms and ammunition…”

The way the bill intends to do it is to require individuals to obtain a (federal) license to purchase, acquire, or possess a firearm or ammo. It will also raise the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21 (apparently only teenagers in the military should be given a gun). It will also require a background check when guns are given between friends or family members, makes it easier to invoke a “red flag” clause to steal guns without due process, and restricts the import, sale, manufacture, transfer, and possession of semi-automatic weapons.

In addition, the resolution would remove liability restrictions on gun manufacturers (they would file for bankruptcy immediately, ending domestic gun sales), and requires Federal Firearm License holders to have to repeatedly recertify each year (which no doubt is designed to shorten the supply of firearm dealers, thus shortening the supply of firearms).

Now might be the time to sign up to support the Montana Shooting Sports Association.

[Editor’s Note: HT Steve Camp]


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