Montana Eye-Witnesses at Capitol Riot Blow Whistle on Media’s Lies and Censorship


As the left has mobilized a mass effort to demonize, terrorize, and humiliate Americans who exercised their First Amendment rights to petition their government for grievances on January 6, some Montanans have entered into their sights. More than a handful of residents in the Big Sky State were present at capitol when hundreds of patriots, led unknowingly by Antifa agitators, “trespassed” in the People’s House in an act that some are calling an “insurrection.”

In reality, of course, the Capitol Riot on January 6 was less deadly, less violent, and less incorrigible than most of the 300 plus riots held in America’s cities over the summer at the prompting of the left. Just over the weekend, Antifa rioters violently commandeered public buildings in Portland and Bellingham, while protestors blew up a California church with an improvised explosive device (the church, like any Christian church, believes that homosexuality is immoral and was likely targeted for that reason). Yet none of these acts, more violent than what occurred at the U.S. capitol, have solicited the same kind of hateful response from the media. In fact, they are largely ignored by the press altogether.

In an age of such double standards, we are reminded that the chaos caused by racial agitators, anarchists, and political opportunists in D.C. can affect us here at home.

Those in attendance at the Capitol protests from Montana have issued a joint statement on the facts of this event from their first-person perspective. They are tired of hearing the lies about the event told in the media and the demonization and libel directed them in the press. You can find their comments below.

A Joint Statement From Montanans Present at the Capitol Protests

The events that occurred on January 6 at the U.S. Capitol imparted the entire nation including our Great State of Montana. Montanans were there as witnesses and we issue this statement on the facts that we agreed on, regarding this day.

  1. 1. The crowd was enormous and in the hundreds of thousands. Our witnesses testify there were anywhere from 300,000 to over 500,000. Regardless of the number, we all agree there were hundreds of thousands of Americans attending this historic rally. We also agree that we witnessed that 99.99% of those Americans acted legally and exercised their First Amendment rights.

2. We all witness trained agitators who were not Trump supporters who were using violence, profanity, and stirring up the crowd. Our collective testimony, photos, and videos back this up. We believe there were left and right wing agitators confusing, stirring up, and inciting good citizens.

3. We applaud the professionalism of the Capitol police. We are deeply saddened at the loss of life that included two veterans, including a Capitol Hill police officer and we offer heartfelt condolences and prayer to those families.

4. None of us entered the U.S. Capitol. We agree that some Trump supporters got caught up in the passion and entered the Capitol. We also saw agitators and also police wave people inside the barriers, which was confusing to all. We do not condone any illegal activities or actions taken by less than 1% of attendees at this rally.

5. Politicians, media, and others claiming that there were no left wing agitators causing violence, stirring the crowd or willfully encouraging chaos, profanity, and violent tactics are either mistaken or deliberately being untruthful for political or corporate purposes. We witnessed these activities first hand and documented them. We are offering truthful accounts of the day’s events. As your fellow Montanans, we should not be persecuted because of eyewitnesses accounts, neither should our testimonies be dismissed as unsubstantiated by those who were not there. We were there. We saw this happen.

6. None of us believe the president of the United States incited a riot or expressed anything other than peaceful activities. The air was charged and electric, and many expressed concerns about the integrity of this election, but we neither heard nor answered any calls to violence. We are witnesses to his speech, his tweets during the day, and his subsequent message of peace.

7. It is deeply wrong to accuse fellow Montanans who were there at the Capitol on January 6 of being liars, non-credible, agitators, or participators in a riot simply because we exercised our First Amendment rights or documented and journaled a historic event. We were there peacefully.

8. We don’t condone political violence and ask fellow conservatives, liberty advocates, freedom fighters, and Trump Supporters to continue to exercise their rights peacefully.

9. We ask the media and our elected officials of our great state to lower the temperature, speak the truth, and listen to their fellow Montanans who were there as witnesses. We specifically ask the media to consider our testimony and eyewitness accounts.

10. We do not support media or Big Tech censorship of our views, testimony, or our rights. Many of us have been censored for every sharing pictures or testimony of this historic day. Many of us have even had our social media accounts completely terminated. We hope good Montanans can agree this is wrong.

Please respect our individual privacy while we present this collective statement. Many of us have been subject to serious harassment and threats including hate speech, and death threats, and threats against family members. Therefore, the privacy of our families is paramount and we offer this statement through Montana Conservative and Liberty Alliance, a grassroots, 5 thousand member organization in Montana.

This group was formerly known as “Montana Supports Donald J. Trump.”

Finally, we strongly condemn the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. They did nothing to unite or bring healing to the nation. They were based on false charges without proper due process and were hastily brought together to promote political self interest rather than arrive at a deliberated truth based upon facts.

Thank you all for attention to this statement.


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