18 Montana Republicans Vote to Allow Parents to Mutilate their Kids’ Genitals


These RINO Republicans crossed over with their Democrat colleagues to reject a bill designed to protect mentally ill kids from being permanently damaged by “transgender” pseudo-science procedures

According to Montana law, kids have to be 18 before they can get a tattoo. In most states, an underaged teen can’t even use a tanning bed. In Montana, the minimum age for saline breast implants is 18 and silicon implants is 22. However, state lawmakers have struck down a bill that would prevent doctors and parents from cutting off their kids’ penis (or giving them a fake one sculpted from fatty skin cells), binding their breasts, or injecting them with life-altering chemicals that often cause lifelong infertility.

The bill, HB113, sponsored by Rep. John Fuller (Kalispell), would have forbidden mutilating surgeries or gender-bending narcotics being given to minors. But after several days of testimonies from “transgender” (men who pretend to be women and women who pretend to be men) allies tell their sob-stories about what it’s like to not be cys-gender (their real and actual gender), a number of Republicans changed their vote between the second and third readings to ultimately defeat the bill.

The Republicans who voted to allow the brutal and savage mutilation of kids’ genitals include:

  • Marta Bertoglio (R-HD75)
  • Ed Buttrey (R-HD21)
  • Geradline Custer (R-HD39)
  • Ross Fitzgerald (R-HD17)
  • Frank Garner (R-HD7)
  • Gregory Frazer (R-HD78)
  • Kenneth Holmulnd (R-HD38)
  • Mike Hopkins (R-HD72)
  • Casey Knudsen (R-HD33)
  • Denley Loge (R-HD14)
  • Brian Putnam (R-HD9)
  • Mallerie Stromswold (R-HD50)
  • Sue Vinton (R-HD56)
  • Kathy Witman (R-HD96)
  • Kenneth Walsh (R-HD71)
  • Tom Welch (R-HD72)
  • Wendy McKamey (R-HD19)
  • Bill Mercer (R-HD46)

In committee, the bill only faced one Republican detractor, freshman representative, Mallerie Stromswold, widely rumored to be a hard-core leftist who unethically ran on the Republican ticket. During the bill’s second vote (Montana requires three), the bill passed 53-47.

However, in a shock upset, a number of Republicans bent to pressure from anti-science activists who superstitiously believe the medically dubious notion that someone can be the wrong gender and furthermore, that it can be corrected by chopping off or adding body parts or by taking hormones.

Of course, in reality, there’s no such thing as a “sex change.” Sex cannot change. A man without a penis is not a woman; he’s an emasculated man. A man who’s attached breasts to himself is not a woman; he just becomes a deformed man.

Believing you’re the wrong gender is a mental disorder called “gender dysphoria,” the belief that one’s gender “on this inside” is different from their biological sex. This is a religious notion rooted in metaphysics, the idea that an “inner self” is separated from one’s body. There is nothing scientific supporting this notion, and its rooted in the most extreme elements of the LGBTQ agenda.

In fact, the best medical research shows that the majority of children whose doctors and parents mutilate them go on to regret the decision. Some, however, are rendered entirely impotent or infertile because of the “treatments” that satiate their mental disorder rather than helping them.

Sue Vinton, who one of her colleagues called, “The Liz Cheney of Montana” today, claimed, “Everyone who voted, whether it was a yes or a no, was doing so out of care and consideration for children.

Chopping of little boys’ penises seems to be an odd way to show care and consideration for them.

Vinton was apparently affected by the “transgender” (read that: pretend gender) testimonies that begged and pleaded for the right to sexualize young kids. The question, “Why are these kids so interested in their sexual organs” wasn’t asked on the floor, but perhaps should have been considering children in LGBTQ homes are at much higher risk of sexual abuse.

Ryan Anderson, an expert on child “sex change” surgeries has demonstrated that as high as 85-90% of kids who undergo a sex change will eventually decide they prefer to live as the (real) gender to coincides with their biological sex. But thanks to these Montana Republicans, many won’t have the chance to procreate or live flourishing lives because their parents got caught up in a bizarre and perverse 21st-century fad of childhood bodily mutilation.

Each and every one of these representatives need to face tough primary challenges as they return home and try to explain to the conservative voters who elected them why they didn’t see fit to protect the most vulnerable people in our society from dangerous mad scientists who want to ruin children’s lives before they even came into full sexual maturity.

The Big Sky Public Policy Institute issued a release earlier today that stated, “[We] will be providing resources necessary to help primary these amoral leaders who refuse to protect the most vulnerable people in our society from abuse, mutilation, and forced sterilization. We have already commenced a letter-writing campaign to local newspapers in their districts and will allocate funds to help whatever primary opponent seeks to challenge them in the fall.”

In addition, “the Institute will pay special attention to both Sue Vinton and Casey Knudsen, who are the most notable and surprising opponents of HB113. Mailers will be sent to their constituents, informing them of the perversity and child abuse approved by them through today’s vote.”

[Editor’s Note: The original publishing of this article excluded two names, Bill Mercer and Wendy McKamey; we have since added them]


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