Bill to Ban Large-Capacity Magazines Introduced in State Senate Committee Meeting


A bill that would ban the manufacture, distribution, possession and sale of large-capacity magazines with more than ten round of ammo was reviewed in its first Senate hearing on Monday.

The bill would make possessing large-capacity magazines a gross misdemeanor except in few cases. The bill defines a large-capacity magazine as: “a feeding device with the capacity to accept more than 10 rounds of ammunition or any conversion kit from which a device can be assembled.”

Some of the groups exempt from the ban are as follows:

-Any person who legally possessed the magazine before the effective date of the law

-Any person who inherits the magazine on the death of a former owner who legally possessed it.

-Any government officer, agent or employee or contractor hired to provide firearms training to law enforcement.

-A licensed firearms manufacturer and dealer who sells to any branch of the armed forces or military.

-A dealer properly licensed to sell or transfer it to someone in another state.

-Law enforcement officers who use large-capacity magazines for official duties.

Those in favor of the ban believe the ban would prevent mass-shootings.

Nicole McGinnis, a woman who shared a story of a man attempting to break into her home while she was alone with her children, said passing this law would make her and other women potential victims without a way to defend themselves.

“Criminals will never follow this law,” McGinnis said.

This bill is one of two introduced, the second would ban open carry at demonstrations and Capitol Campus


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