Headlines Gun Shop Refuses to Sell Firearms, Ammo to Biden...

Gun Shop Refuses to Sell Firearms, Ammo to Biden Supporters: “Sorry For the Inconvenience”


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Many right-wingers believe that President Biden will directly attack second amendment rights, one Missouri gun store denies Biden supporters service.

Following Biden’s Inauguration, a firearms shop, Trigger Firearms & Reloading LLC, in Jefferson City, Missouri, took to Facebook to express the company’s new policy: no selling guns or ammo to Biden supporters.

In the concise post the owner of Trigger Firearms & Reloading writes: “We don’t have guns or ammo for Biden supporters, sorry for the inconvenience.”

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The post has amassed 4.6k comments, from both supporters of the business and Trump and self-described Democrats. Despite Biden being anti-second amendment, the notice provoked several angry comments from his supporters

Some commenters insinuated the company would go out of business, one writing: “So when you go to bankruptcy court you going to tell the Judge I went out of business due to being overly bitter?” Another commenter shared the sentiment but threw in some ad homonyms: “Wow!!! I knew that most Trump supporters weren’t too bright, but you just cut off potential buyers because of your ignorance.”

Despite the comments claiming the gun shop will promptly go out of business, it’s safe to assume that supporters of a President who is anti-gun rights won’t be buying firearms anytime soon. As one commenter puts it: “Voting democrat but exercising the 2nd amendment is like a cow cheering for the butcher.”


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