Leftist Mob Storms Washington City Hall, Assaults Journalists, Mayor Flees


In an out of control protest in Washington state, leftists stormed Bellingham City Hall on January 22nd, which resulted in the assault of multiple journalists and the city Mayor fleeing the building for his safety.

During this incident, local journalists were assaulted, including the assault of KGMI radio journalist Joe Teehan was spray-painted and reportedly had hot chocolate thrown on his face and his microphone stolen. The radio journalist recounted the assault, saying:

“There were shouts of, ‘He’s taking unauthorized photos. He’s invading privacy.’ Pretty soon I was surrounded by a fairly good number of people. I’ve never experienced that kind of belligerence. We’ve had protests in Bellingham and I’ve never seen anyone act that way.”

However, Teehan was not the only reporter assaulted. Bellingham Herald’s Denver Pratt alleged that he was cornered, along with his colleague, and pushed by a mob wearing all black. Pratt took to twitter to detail his experience.

“A group of protesters dressed in black approached us again. They pushed and cornered my colleague, dumped water on his camera, yelled at us. We tried to engage in a conversation and explain how we were trying to balance privacy but still document, and they told us to get out.”

The protestors are said to be advocating for an homeless encampment that placed their tents on the City Hall’s lawn, along with various wooden structures. This camp dubbed “Camp 210” has been in the area since November of 2020, despite continual encouragement to move their camps.

Ironically, the protestors also threatened HomesNow!- a homeless advocacy organization- co-founder Doug Gustafson.

Bellingham city Mayor Seth Fleetwood fled the building during the storming for fear of his safety. Fleetwood shared his statement on Twitter, saying: “Protesters blocked access to the area this morning and members of the news media and many others were threatened and harassed. Circumstances at City Hall and Library lawn are entirely untenable, escalated largely by protesters and outside agitators who are not residents.”

Mayor Fleetwood also gave a statement to KIRO-TV: “It was unsettling. They banged on the door and we got word they had somehow broken it open and were entering and I was advised to leave.”

Despite the reports of criminal activity during the protest, no arrests have been made.


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