A Word on the Editorial Position of the Montana Gazette Vs Legacy Press on “Transgenderism”


This is what separates MDG reporting from that of the brick-and-mortar fake news outlets

Here at the Montana Daily Gazette, we aspire to bring you real news, undergirded with facts and empirical evidence. We believe that science, logic, reason, and objective reality should supplement our values and commitments to truthfulness and journalistic integrity. In short, if we aren’t first and foremost truthful, we aren’t to be trusted.

The bills supporting kids and young women from child abuse, HB112 and HB113, has brought out some stark ideological differences between our commitment to factual reporting and that of newspapers like the Billings Gazette, the Helena Independent Record, the Bozeman Chronicle, and the Flathead Beacon. To put plainly, these publications are lying every time they write a headline about these bills.

For example, the Flathead Beacon ran an article this morning entitled, “Bill to Affirm to Deny Gender Affirming Care for TransYouth Fails.”

We can count no less than three dishonesties in this headline alone.

  1. Chopping off a young man’s penis or slapping skin shaped like a phallis onto a girl’s groin is not “care”
  2. Such surgeries are not “affirming gender.” Gender is fixed; it is literally written in our DNA and is indistinguishible from biological sex. Such surgeries do not affirm gender, but confuse it.
  3. There is no such thing as “trans youth” because the term “trans” implies that a transition has taken place. But in reality, no one in the history of mankind has transitioned their gender. That’s a myth right up there with Sasquatch and pro-life Democrats.

Such factual inaccuracies are common among Montana’s Legacy Press outlets. Consider, for example, the Montana Free Press (which is supported by your tax dollars) ran an article with the subtitle, “In an unexpected twist, a handful of Republicans changed their votes on the bill to restrict medical treatments for transgender youth.”

Again, falsehoods abound and objective reality is victimized. Journalists should really be above making such scientifically inaccurate statements. A mental disorder (gender dysphoria) is not “treated” by succombing to the mental insanity of it and mutilating little children. Calling genital mutilation a “treatment” for mental illness is absurdly unscientific. Such actions do not cure gender dysphoria, but reinforce it. Furthermore – again – there is no such thing as “transgender youth” if, for no other reason, no youth has ever transitioned their gender. The notion is as spurious as a frog turning into a prince. Journalists operating with personal integrity should not write headlines or bylines like they were writing for Grimms’ Fairy Tales.

Consider, for example, a man who believes he is a gray space alien (below). He has surgically sliced off his nose and part of his tongue in order to “affirm” his psychosis and now struggles to breathe and speak. While it is the man’s right to believe he’s a space alien, we (as sentient, responsible humans) are not obligated to cater to his belief and pretend along with him. The same is true for people pretending to be the wrong gender.

Helena’s Independent Record also stated the anti-science position in their headline (below).

You’ll notice a difference between the reporting of Montana’s legacy press and that of the #1 online news publication in Montana, the Montana Daily Gazette. The reason we have so many more readers than the #2 online publication, the Billings Gazette, is because we aim to speak plainly, tell the truth, and be factual.

Here are the facts underlying the “transgender” debate that undergird our reporting:

  1. The term “transgender” is fallacious. No one has ever transitioned their gender. The terms “gender” and “sex” were used interchangeably from the development of the English language in roughly the seventh century until 1955. For most of English-speaking history, the term “gender” applied to language studies.
  2. The term “gender” is rooted in biology. Although social engineers are insisting that gender is malleable and divorced from biology, the term “gender” derives from the Latin word “genus,” which refers to biology.
  3. Gender cannot be changed by one’s imagination, personal preference, or misguided perception of reality. Therefore, we refuse to use preferred pronouns, or wrongly-gendered names reflecting a distorted sense of reality. For example, Bruce Jenner will always be Bruce Jenner in our publication. To call him “Caitlyn” is an offense to objective truth.
  4. “Chopathingoffofme” or “Addathingtome” surgeries are not “treatment” for mental illness. There is no other mental disorder besides gender dysphoria that has the academy suggesting that giving into the disorder is somehow a “treatment.” The only acceptable treatment for gender dysphoria is genuine gender-affirming therapy, designed to reinforce that person’s real and actual gender. Thinking that “sex change” (another dishonest and scientifically fallacious term) surgery is a treatment for gender dysphoria is like asserting that fire-making is a treatment for pyromania.
  5. While we affirm the legal right of someone to indulge their own mental disorder, we do not feel obligated to play pretend with them or to misconstrue reality to make them feel better. No one is suggesting that we criminalize an adult’s right to be weird, but we are not under any moral obligation to approve of it with affirming language.

At the Montana Daily Gazette, we will aspire to always give a scientific and empirical rendering of the facts, political correctness be damned. A man cannot become a woman. A woman cannot become a man. We are not obligated to pretend otherwise.

As the rise of Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists demonstrates, the cultural fad in which we all pretend together that we don’t know “transgenderism” is a sub-intellectual, quasi-superstitious, aggressively anti-science notion, “transgenderism” has an expiration date for America’s tolerance level for nonsense. We will not long tolerate, as civilized society, the bullying of the rest of us in the name of inclusion. While we can include the mentally deranged in our society, we must accommodate them as fellow humans worthy of being told the truth…they are the gender that God made them, and that gender corresponds to the DNA they were born with.

As the failure of HB113 demonstrates, there is no possible way to defend women while simultaneously pandering to men pretending to be women. Because we value the fairer sex, the Montana Daily Gazette will take an editorial posture against allowing women to be beat up in sporting competitions, kept off of their own gender-specific sports teams, or be forced to disrobe or change near men who insist on being treated like women. To be pro “trans-woman” is effectively to be anti “real woman.”

Scientific reality is not hate speech, and the Montana Daily Gazette will continue to report to you the truth without cowering to a momentary cultural fad with an expiration date. In the meantime, remember that if you can’t trust a press outlet to speak truthfully about whether someone is a man or woman, they’re bound to get a host of other facts wrong as well.

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