VIDEO: Unholy Alliance between Child Services and Abortion Industry EXPOSED


Would it surprise you to find out that those paid by the state to PROTECT children are the very ones pushing for their abortion?

Since the Supreme Court ruling in 1973 on Roe vs. Wade, which legalized the murder of the unborn in all fifty states, it is estimated that over 62.5 million babies have been executed by government consent without committing a crime.

Perhaps the saddest part of the abortion statistics is the devastating impact that abortions have on America’s black population, as 36% of all abortions were provided to black mothers, a statistic that becomes more alarming when you consider that blacks comprise only about 14% of the population.

The good news is that there are battles being won, as states across this nation are passing more restrictive laws than ever before to protect the unborn. In the state of Missouri, for example, all abortion clinics have been closed leaving the entire state abortion-free. However, despite the numerous success stories of late, there are still numerous wars to be fought and won in this “battle to the death.”

Sadly, minorities are not the only group who gets targeted by the forces that seem to worship death above all else, as the poor and uneducated are also on the radar of these murderous demons.

In the state of Oregon, abortion proponents have teamed-up with Child Protective Services (CPS) to put expectant mothers into what can only be described as a “Hobson’s Choice” when it comes to deciding their family’s future.

CPS, often under suspicious circumstances, show up at a mother’s door to kidnap their child and take them into custody. With the promise of getting their child back as a lure, the devastated mother often agrees to jump through the numerous hurdles erected by CPS, which now includes aborting their unborn child as a requirement of the treatment plan. It is scenarios like the one above that prompted parental advocate Heather Hobbs to act.

Heather Hobbs has been an advocate and a friend to countless families as she charged ahead with her quest to save the unborn while putting CPS out of business in the process. Heather Hobbs is a tireless worker with an impactful history. She joined Jim White from Montana Gazette Radio about a year ago to highlight the horrific choice foisted upon grieving mothers at the hands of the state of Oregon.

Despite the publication date, the information contained in the video is evergreen as the victimization outlined therein is still in practice as this article hits the wire. It is only through the work of heather Hobbs and other concerned Americans that we are going to reform CPS, then our nation.


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