Flathead Pro-Life Rally Draws 150 People Protesting Against Baby Murder


The Flathead Pro-Life Annual Rally and March for Life were born 38 years ago through inspiration by Pastor James Huff of Bible Presbyterian Church of Kalispell. Huff had a vision and it has grown and flourished. This year’s attendance was 150 people.

Chuck Lorentzen started the rally off with prayer and poignantly shared, “Jesus Loves the Little Children, Little Ones to Him Belong” and urged those in attendance to dwell on its significance.

Lorentzen said, “Pro-Life people are Bible people,” but explained that of churchgoers, only one in five have a Biblical worldview.” He went on, “Each balloon we carry today represents a little tiny life. Take a balloon and when you get home break it. Keep it as a reminder that life is a gift from God. When you see that wilted balloon pray for the unborn…Only a small percentage of those who are Pro-Life actually do something about it. Thank you for making the effort. God thanks you too.” 

Gratefully, as a result of prayer and protesting, there are no more abortuaries in Kalispell at this present time. However, All Families Healthcare (in Whitefish) performs abortions. John O’Neill, Flathead Pro-Life leader, protests weekly on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9-5 (in front of All Families Healthcare) and encourages all to join them.

John O’Neill shared about how the “40 Days for Life” activists protested in Texas at larger abortion facilities and how it had an impact on abortion rates. “That’s our joy,” he said. He went on, “That’s our paycheck.”

Lauralee (John’s wife) also spoke, and wanted everyone to know that “Flathead Pro-Life” can be found on Facebook, in the Mountain Trader, and soon to be on Gab.com. She can also be emailed at flatheadprolife@protonmail.com  

Verdell Jackson, (a former state legislator) contributed to the crowd, “Please consider putting yard signs up. They can be ordered in 18 by 24, 3 by 5, and 4 by 8 to really make a statement.” He lamented, “We are facing tough times ahead.”

Jackson can be contacted at vjack@centurytel.net 

James Compton is the Western Montana Field Director for the Susan B. Anthony List (sba-list.org). Compton lead groups that covered Montana this fall going door to door and educating people of the fact that, “If a botched abortion takes place and a baby is still alive the baby is left to die. This was shocking to many households who then changed from Democratic to Republican voters. Both Bullock and Cooney supported this policy. Furthermore, Governor Bullock was one of the most pro-death governors in our nation in full compliance with supporting death up through all nine months.

Compton continued, “Statistics show that abortion in Montana (within the last five years) is the lowest it’s been in 40 years. However, one in eight children is murdered in the state of Montana. Every five hours and fifteen minutes a baby is killed. An innocent human life is put to death.” He exclaimed,” There is a STATE OF EMERGENCY” in Montana! Mothers are being pressured into killing their children!” 

Compton said, “Please look up House Bills, 140, 136, 171, and 167. These all have to do with protecting the unborn. Most importantly is getting the Personhood Amendment into the Montana State Constitution which is Dr. Annie Bukachek’s dream. Bukachek has been attending Pro-Life Rallys for 30 years in Helena.” 

Dr. Al Olszewski (Flathead Valley orthopedic surgeon and former candidate for governor in the Republican primary election) gave a valiant and genuine finale as he declared numerous recommendations and issued important advice. 

Olszewski told the crowd, “We are to fight the culture of death. In 2016 we had a Pro-Life President. Dark and colder days are here now. Biden is fighting against life. He is tyrannical. 237 babies have been aborted for the Covid vaccine.” 

Olszewski exhorted the attendants, “Keep your eyes and ears open. Who is with us? Who is lukewarm? What will we do? What would Jesus do? How will you stand? How will you be an example to your children?”

Dr. Al Olszewski recently resigned from the Montana Medical Association as they were opposed to Pro-Life bills. 


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