Liberal Denomination Selling Off School Property in Billings


The Southern Baptist Convention was once the epitome of genuine conservativism. The denomination ran off liberals during the Conservative Resurgence beginning in 1979, but made one fatal mistake; they let a closet Marxist and staunch liberal named Dr. Albert Mohler take over a prominent seminary and, ultimately, appoint the heads of almost every denominational entity over the last 20 years. Unfortunately for the Southern Baptist Convention, Mohler single-handedly liberalized the denomination, which is now run almost entirely by the ‘woke’ Social Justice Warriors that Mohler installed into office by the power of his influence and personal charisma. Until this day, Mohler projects himself as a conservative, while acting to install the most radically liberal figureheads possible throughout the Convention.

Russell Moore, Albert Mohler’s longtime protege’, is a lifelong Democrat, Never-Trumper, and even said he wished his wife “was more like Hillary Clinton.” Thanks to Mohler, Moore now runs the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the SBC, partnering it with George Soros’ Open Societies Foundation’s Evangelical Immigration Table, which lobbies for globalism and the destruction of sovereign borders. Most recently, Moore called for Trump’s impeachment alongside a whole gaggle of leftists, homosexuals, and communists with whom he regularly breaks bread.

But Moore isn’t Mohler’s only uber-leftist appointee. Kevin Ezell (North American Mission Board), Danny Akin (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary), Jason Allen (Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary), Adam Greenway (Southern Baptist Theological Seminary), and other entity heads appointed through Mohler’s iron first of leadership have adopted wholeheartedly the most radical components of Critical Theory, a Marxist-derived philosophy sometimes called “Identity Politics.”

Montana’s Southern Baptists – a long way from the denomination’s headquarters in Nashville – have not been immune to the Great Awokening of the denomination. Barrett Duke, the state convention’s president, recently advocated for Marxist Critical Theory, claiming that it had redeeming qualities. And Yellowstone Christian College’s new president, Dr. Marvin Jones, came from the most corrupt college in the Southern Baptist Convention, Louisiana College, which spiraled into chaos when it was revealed several years ago by a Montana blog that the college president and board had paid his homosexual assistant 25 thousand dollars in hush money in exchange for a gag order (it lost its accreditation and 45 million dollars in donations from the scandal).

Hemorrraging money from a lack of Cooperative Program funds (the funding apparatus for Southern Baptist institutions), likely due to tens of thousands of Southern Baptists who have stopped funding the corrupt and newly liberalized denomination, Yellowstone Christian College is selling its property on Shiloh Road.

Learning the art of spin from Louisiana College (which also liquidated property to pay its debts), Dr. Jones claimed the campus had “outgrown” its space. He told the Billings Gazette, “Economically, we could redevelop the campus, but would be limited on that small site.”

Of course, the site is fine for the meager 60 or so students who attend the Southern Baptist school, and they certainly haven’t outgrown it (enrollment has been steady for years).

This isn’t about enrollment size, and it’s certainly not about needing “room to grow.” The Southern Baptist Convention has embraced the rankest and most liberal ideas of the age, and with it, they are shrinking just like every other mainstream liberal denomination that has gone down the same path.

Less than a decade ago, the Montana Southern Baptist Convention also sold its spacious headquarters building near the Lockwood Exit. We can only hope that, soon enough, Southern Baptist churches will be replaced by those who haven’t gone down the extremely liberal path they’ve chosen throughout the rest of the country. This bodes well for Bible-believing Christians in Montana.


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