Why Does Helena Public School Employ a Marxist and Racist Like Don Pogreba?


While political beliefs should not ordinarily serve as a litmus test for hiring decisions by the public school system, it is also true that public school employees should not use their influence over youth to politically indoctrinate students. But given the far-left influence of prominent blogging Marxist, Don Pogreba, Helena’s parents are right to wonder if their children are in good hands (and not just because his blog solicits booze to underaged kids).

Pogreba regularly uses the cyber-pages of his fake news outlet, Montana Post, to advocate for infanticide, sodomy, gender mutilation surgeries, and wealth redistribution. These are all, of course, standard fare for today’s Democratic Party. Thankfully, the Democratic Party is sliding increasingly left at a much quicker pace than most Montanans are ready to go, which is why they’re losing elections in the Big Sky State at record pace.

But even though Pogreba advocates for the Marxist redistribution of wealth through punitively taxing hard workers, through “reparations,” through environmentalist cap-and-tax schemes, and by welfare programs designed to steal from the successful and give to the lazy, this is not his worst trait. Helena parents should not only be concerned that their kids’ teacher is an economic Marxist, but that he’s a Cultural Marxist and a racist.

Whereas classical Marxism, or economic Marxism, seeks to pit economic classes against each other (the proletariat versus the burgeois), Cultural Marxism seeks to pit identity groups against one another. In Cultural Marxism, ethnic groups are pitted angrily against one another (for example, blacks versus whites or Jews versus Caucasians). The ideology, which seeks to divide culture and overthrow the status quo “power structure” was invented as a part of the “Frankfurt School of Marxism” shortly before, during, and after WWII. Within Cultural Marxism, such identity groups are pitted against perceived oppressors, who are chiefly the people who pay the bulk of taxes and employ people.

A newer spin on Cultural Marxism is called Critical Theory, also known as Identity Politics. In Critical Theory, the usual “black versus white” paradigm is supplemented with additional identity groups and class distinctions like “sexual minorities,” the gender-confused, the disabled, victims, or students. An even newer spin on this old Marxist idea is Intersectionality, a system by which an unofficial (but widely recognized) score system exists in which the more “oppressed” identity groups someone is a part of the more valuable their opinion suddenly becomes (for example, a victimized black woman is believed to have a more valuable opinion than a black man, and so on). Terms like “White Guilt,” “White Privilege,” and the catchphrases of D.I.E. (diversity, inclusion, equity) permeate this perverse and destructive Commie ideology.

Of course, none of this is in keeping with the Color-Blind philosophy of the civil rights hero, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

King taught famously in his I Have a Dream speech…

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Fast-forward to 2021, and you’ll find a Helena public school teacher – Don Pogreba – despising King’s ethos as much as the hood-covered Klansman of the deep South in 1963. For Pogreba, it’s not about character…it’s about skin color, melanin count, and surface-level pigmentation.

Consider, for example, Pogreba’s post just today about Montana sole representative in the U.S. Congress, Matt Rosendale.

Pogreba’s article is entitled, “Why Is Matt Rosendale Attacking the Historic Haaland Nomination?” Haaland refers to Deb Haaland, the radical environmentalist and Green New Deal proponent who was nominated by Joe Biden as the Secretary of the Interior (we would link Pogreba’s article, but the Montana Daily Gazette has a strict policy against racism and hate speech).

Although his title poses the question, Pogreba answers the question within the article. Pogreba writes…

Presented with the historic nomination of Representative Deb Haaland to become the first Native person to serve in the Cabinet, how did Matt Rosendale respond? By writing an impotent letter to President Biden co-signed by insurrectionists and hacks apparently upset that the nomination didn’t go to another mediocre white man

Is it really “apparent” that Rosendale was upset the nomination didn’t go “to another mediocre white man?”

First of all, and we beg your pardon here, but the Democratic nominee for president was a “medicore white man.” After 45 years in government, the only thing not medicore about Joe Biden is his senility, which is off the charts. And by the way, the runner up to the Democratic nominee for president was also another “mediocre white man.”

Painting Democrats as the epitome of ethnic diversity is hardly honest, considering the only Native American Democratic candidate in the Democratic Primary won only 3 counties out of 50 states and zero electoral votes. It probably did not help that the candidate was only 1/1024th Cherokee.

Jokes aside, Critical Theory within the Democratic Party has led to such absurdities as Elizabeth Warren claiming to be Native American without a scintilla of evidence, Rachel Dolezal (a very white woman) claiming to be black to run a chapter of the NAACP, and Jewish professor, Jennifer Krug, claiming to be black her entire career (to Critical theorists like Pogreba and Krug, Jews and Asians are considered “White” because they are ordinarily successful in cross-cultural contexts and thus are not considered “minorities” for the sake of identity categorization).

Nonetheless, one would think that accusing Rep. Rosendale of opposing Deb Halaan’s appointment as Interior Secretary on the grounds of “racism” would require some amount of evidence. So what is Pogreba’s evidence?

He doesn’t have any. Instead, the Comintern made a wild, unsubstantiated allegation about race because he’s fixated on race just as any racist is. The burning cross of the White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan are no less noticeable than Pogreba’s own color fixation. He might as well light his crucifix and put it in his front lawn.

Pogreba writes…

While the 15-person letter rhetorically centers around the dishonest claim that Representative Halland [sic] will end all American natural resources development, it’s not hard to read the real objection here.

Pogreba alleges that the “real objection” that Rep. Rosendale and his fellow Republican (and largely Western) colleagues have is Halaan’s ethnicity. But such is unsubstantiated gobbledegook from the mind of someone who can’t get skin color out of his head.

The letter from concerned congressmen cosigned by Rosendale lays out their objections to Halaand in plain and precise terms…

  1. Halaand introduced Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s “Green New Deal” in the U.S. House, which promises to strip Montana’s economy from the natural resources that sustains it
  2. Halaand’s proposals would end thousands of Montana jobs in the energy, aviation, travel, mining, and forestry sectors.
  3. Halaand’s proposals would immediately lose 8 billion dollars of revenue to Americans nationwide
  4. Halaand’s opposition to jobs capitalizing on a responsible use of public resources would scuttle – in particular – high paying jobs and replace them with minimum wage jobs (maybe)

Not an inkling of Rosendale’s letter even tangintally suggests that their opposition to Halaand is due to her skin color, ethnicity, or their supposed desire the job be given to “another mediocre white man.”

The accusation from Pogreba is meritless, libelous, devoid of character, dishonest, and…in fact…Cultural Marxism with a dose of racism.

A case-in-point might be in store here, if for no other reason to point out the absurdity of Pogreba’s race-baiting. Not only did Trump’s economy lead to the lowest unemployment and highest wages in the black community in history, but he appointed numerous ethnic minorities to the very highest levels of his administration (most notably, Ben Carson). None of his appointments of minorities or women were opposed by Rep. Rosendale, few by fellow Republicans, and none because of their ethnicity.

While Don Pogreba is counting heads based upon their hair-type like some 2021 Montana version of David Duke, Rep. Rosendale and other western legislators whose states are adversely affected by environmental extremism in the Interior Department are trying to act like grown-ups.

Meanwhile, Pogreba unapologetically lumps all Indigineous Peoples into the same homogenous basket, as though they all reside on the Democratic plantation. However, many tribes – like the Crow in Central Montana – are reliant upon the energy sector for their financial wellbeing. By the way, the Ute Indian Tribe and numerous North Dakota Tribes have also officially rebuked Biden for his destruction of the energy sector, which funds many Indigenous economies. Does Pogreba also think those Native American tribes are also anti-Native American?

Pogreba is clearly behaving toward Indigenous Peoples with White Paternalism, a racist tendency to view oneself as the “White Savior” of the (supposedly) poor, illiterate, and disenfranchised Native American.

Joe Biden’s executive orders have already cost Montana tens of thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in funding for public schools from tax dollars lost in the energy sector, and has potentially tanked our state’s economy which is particularly dependent upon natural resources. The last thing Rep. Rosendale needs while he’s trying to save Montana’s butt from the bad ideas of a Beltway limousine liberal is for a sniveling racist with a debilitating case of White Guilt to leverage the time afforded him by the Public School System to start a potential race riot.

The political discourse in Montana is already too volatile and polarized than allow Cominterns in the public school system to brainwash yet another generation of our children with ideas stemming from the Bolsheviks and Frankfurt School Marxists. Public school kids in Helena deserve better than Don Pogreba.

Meanwhile, as Rep. Rosendale is focusing on the content of a person’s character, Pogreba is focused intently on the color of their skin.

Shame on him.

[Editor’s Note: To read Rep. Rosendale’s letter regarding the appointment of Halaand, fighting for Montana jobs, click here]


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