Biden Interior Secretary Poised to Flood Montana With Wolves


It’s almost like a metaphor for the first two weeks of Biden’s presidency. Joe Biden ordered U.S. Fish & Wildlife to evaluate over-turning Trump’s previous order and protect wolves from wildlife management amidst their exploding populations.

But of course, he did.

Wolves do untold damage to the nation’s livestock, and Biden has declared economic war on the nation’s farmers and ranchers. Meanwhile, wolves do untold damage to the nation’s deer and elk herds, and Biden despises outdoorsmen and gun owners. It’s a win-win for Joe Biden’s environment-first ideology. By listing the gray wolf as “protected,” it gives San Francisco greenies exactly what they want (they live a safe distance from the Montana wilds) while hurting America’s ranchers and sportsmen.

Each year, wolves kill more than 500 full-grown cows and twice as many calves. At least, these are the figures given to state by ranchers trying to recoup some of the expenses through the Montana Livestock Loss Board. The agency dispenses payments for ranchers whose livelihoods are put in jeopardy by Washington D.C. environmental policies, paying roughly 150 thousand dollars to ranchers each year.

However, the Montana Stockgrower’s Association acknowledges that the payments don’t begin to cover the ranchers’ financial losses. The only expenses paid for are in relation to dead cattle killed by wolves, but do not cover the loss due to stressed cattle trying to survive wolf packs in the Winter (lower weights equal lower profit) or removing them to less dangerous pastures.

A friend to rural America, President Trump delisted the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act in October of last year (for everywhere in the United States except parts of Oregon and Washington State Cascade mountains). In reality, the move was way over-do. Wolves have dramatically rebounded, and probably should have been delisted years sooner.

Within days of taking office, however, Biden – eager to prove himself a friend of Blue-Dot liberals – issued an executive order repealing Trump’s delist of the gray wolf on the Endangered Species Act.

However, a letter issued by the Department of Interior’s “Fish and Wildlife” division informed President Biden that Trump’s decision could not be overturned that easily. Gary Frazer, the Assistant Director for Ecological Services, sent the letter giving Biden the bad news (click here to see the letter yourself).

Unfortunately, this rare act of a bureaucrat standing up to the Biden Administration will probably be futile and will most certainly be overturned by incoming Interior Secretary, Deb Haaland. Haaland, an environmental extremist, will have her Senate confirmation any day now and is being supported by Democrat Senator, Jon Tester.

The nomination of Haaland was widely heralded by “wolf activists,” who are almost universally stationed in cities a long, long way from ravenous wolf herds.

Haaland, who opposes pipelines, drilling, and virtually all kinds of economy-sustaining energy sector jobs, does so on the basis such investments hurt wolves and birds.

Haaland reportedly told reporters, “Oil and gas drilling puts at risk…wolves, polar bears and migratory birds…will release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, exacerbating the effects of global warming.”


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  1. What a bunch of baloney. “Each year, wolves kill more than 500 full-grown cows and twice as many calves. At least, these are the figures given to state by ranchers trying to recoup some of the expenses through the Montana Livestock Loss Board. ” Try removing a zero and you are closer to the numbers according to the public records provided by the Montana Livestock Loss Board. Per the reports, over the last 5 years, 2016-2020, the average number of cattle killed by wolves was 56, with a range of 52 – 59 in Montana. We have 2.6 million cattle in Montana. The leading cause of mortality for cows and calves is from calving, weather related, and disease. Depredation from wolves doesn’t anywhere even close. So much for ethics in journalism and providing accuracy and factual information. Just the facts, please.

    • Exactly ! Motor vehicles kill far more livestock than wolves. In fact
      humans also….,so lets start shooting vehicles and human’s
      I can deal with wolves,nut humans ??

  2. Let’s reintroduce wolves in the rest of the states. After all, they populated most of North America at one time. Montana already has it’s share, so why not start in New Mexico. I’m sure Haaland’s constituency would fully appreciate a move in that direction. While they’re at it they can take some of these grizzlies too….


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