Tester Lying About Supporting Keystone XL and is Trying Hard to Kill Montana Jobs


Sen. Jon Tester (D-Montana) has voiced opposition to Biden’s “Day 1” banning of the Keystone XL pipeline, which was slated to give the state millions of dollars for public schools, thousands of jobs, and nearly a billion dollars in revenue.

Tester told reporters over the weekend, “In the end, I think [the pipeline is] a good project. I believe in climate change, but I also think this one pipeline isn’t going to turn it around, isn’t going to turn our climate around and it’s not going to make it a markedly worse situation.”

Opposing the Keystone XL ban is a necessary calculation for Tester, whose state will be economically crippled by the move, worsening conditions of what has already been called a “record recession” in Montana.

Tester went on CNN to admit that Biden’s closure of the 8-billion-dollar project was a mistake (watch below).

This is standard fare for the Montana Democrat, who supports the most radically leftist politicians and policies, only to posture far more to the right in his home state. Unfortunately, many voters are unaware that the Washington D.C. Tester is significantly different from the Montana Tester.

During the 2020 presidential campaign, Sen. Tester repeatedly endorsed Biden (see below) on the grounds he would “stand up for hardworking families.”

And yet, Biden’s move to ban the Keystone XL and lay off thousands upon thousands of Montanans was not only predictable, it was promised. Biden made repealing the Keystone XL a central focus of his campaign.

In May of 2020, Biden told the press, “I’ve been against Keystone from the beginning. It is tarsands that we don’t need — that in fact is very, very high pollutant.”

Biden’s position on the Keystone XL was known to Tester and every other American, yet Tester endorsed Biden anyway, the Montana’s economy be damned. But now, the Democrat Senator is trying to make the weakest amends by standing idly by with nothing more than a simple state – much quoted in local media – that he’s against the measure done by the president he is for.

Meanwhile, Tester is continuing to undermine the Montana people and our economy by voting for each and every measure that promises job losses, deeper recessions, and environmental activism. Most recently, Tester voiced support for the confirmation of Deb Haaland as Secretary of the Interior (see below).

Haaland has been an outspoken critic of the Keystone XL Pipeline and all fossil fuel production, claiming that pipelines are an example of “environmental racism.” When Tester met with Haaland to congratulate her and discuss policy, the topic of the Keystone XL pipeline did not even come up, according to Tester’s own press release.

As absurd as it is to claim that energy production is “racist,” Jon Tester has only supported Haaland’s appointment and confirmation. So while Tester claims he’s against the Keystone XL ban, he’s done everything possible to ensure those who are killing Montana jobs have received his support.


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