Health and Science Face-Crime: Criminal Penalties Await Those Who Flaunt Mask Order

Face-Crime: Criminal Penalties Await Those Who Flaunt Mask Order


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From World Net Daily

An order by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went into effect Wednesday that requires individuals to wear masks while on public transportation or in transportation hubs.

The order, which won’t allow commonly used face coverings such as bandanas or other knitted fabric, gives federal authorities the power to enforce it through criminal penalties.

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The CDC says, however, it “does not intend to rely primarily on these criminal penalties but instead strongly encourages and anticipates widespread voluntary compliance.”

Last month, President Biden signed an order requiring individuals to wear masks on federal property.

The CDC specifies the type of mask and how it must be worn. Masks are required on planes, trains, buses, subways, taxis, car services, boats and in transportation hubs. The law will be enforced by Transportation Security Administration agents, state and local officials. Failure to comply will result in banishment from travel and possible criminal penalties.

The libertarian magazine Reason warns that creating “a vast network of law enforcement officials empowered to enforce these mask rules will, of course, provide a handy new excuse for monitoring and surveilling citizens.”

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  1. There is no LAW! A mandate or order is not LAW! There is a difference! What they are doing is unlawful, unconstitutional and unenforceable! They cannot attach a fine to a mandate! PERIOD!


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