Bill to Allow Able-Bodied People to Compete in Special Olympics Introduced in MT Legislature


Bolstered by support from Rep. Mallerie Stromswold (R-HD50), the bill will allow people without disabilities to compete against their handy-capable peers

[Montana Murder Hornet] The fight for disability justice continues in legislatures across the nation, as deliberating bodies are considering bills that will permit perfectly able-bodied athletes to compete against those with physical and mental disabilities in the Special Olympics.

Various trans-able groups throughout Montana, including the ACLU and the Trans-Able Sports Association, have heralded the bill as a game-changer for athletes trying to compete as their preferred identity.

Geraldine Custer, a Democrat who identifies as a Republican, is supporting the measure. Custer told reporters, “If I had a child with operating legs who identified as a paraplegic, all I want is for them to be treated equally with other paraplegics.”

Rep. Custer (R-HD39) continued, “Ultimately, this is about discrimination. If a kid says he has Down Syndrome, we should respect that and let him compete against other kids with Down Syndrome. Period.”

She added, “I’m tired of these religious types who think they can make decisions for other people.”

Meanwhile, the bill has opposition from conservatives, who insist that allowing able-bodied kids to pummel Special Olympics athletes is unfair to the truly disabled. One Special Olympics mom testified before the judicial committee, “My child worked hard to excel in the Special Olympics. He made the team. He trained hard. And then, just as he was peddling his wheelchair near the finish line, an able-bodied young man pranced past him like a gazelle, winning 1st Place.”

Rep. Custer wasn’t the only Republican to support the trans-ableist measure, however. Freshman Representative Mallerie Stromswold voted to pass the measure, saying, “It will be hard to explain to constituents who are my age why I would discriminate against someone who identifies as disabled.”

Last year, trans-abled athletes across the country competed as disabled in various states and usually dominated their field. But claims that it’s unfair to allow an able-bodied person into a disabled person’s sporting event have been buoyed by left-leaning Republicans who are eager to virtue-signal their tolerance level.

Rep. Stromswold told the media…

“My whole political ideology lays with the fact that I don’t think we should control people’s lives. I really just don’t understand why people are so threatened by other people’s decisions that they feel the need to control them. This decision isn’t hurting us in any way.”

It is unknown if HB341 will pass the House on their second and third reading, but there are at least some Republicans who are willing to stand up for diversity, inclusion, and tolerance by stopping the Special Olympics from discriminating against transablist athletes.

[Editor’s Note: This is satire, and is brought to you by The Montana Murder Hornet, which will publish weekly pieces satirizing Helena’s political scene. Meanwhile, keep in mind that trans-ableism is not satire and is an actual thing (look it up). If boys can compete against girls despite being boys, there’s no logical reason a transablelist shouldn’t be able to compete in the Special Olympics. By the way, the quotations (above) from Rep Stromswold are 100% real, but were actually referring to “transgender” athletes and not transabled athletes]


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