Headlines Top Montana Democrat Donor Implodes After Pedophilia Scandal...

Top Montana Democrat Donor Implodes After Pedophilia Scandal Erupts


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From Breitbart News

Lincoln Project cofounder Jennifer Horn has terminated her relationship with the anti-Trump organization, citing the “grotesque and inappropriate behavior” of her colleague and fellow cofounder John Weaver, who has been accused of sending explicit messages to young men, offering advice in exchange for sexual favors.

The New York Times confirmed Horn’s departure Friday afternoon. She told the outlet, “Upon careful consideration, I have terminated my relationship with the Lincoln Project, effective immediately.”

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“John Weaver’s grotesque and inappropriate behavior, coupled with his longstanding deceptions concerning that behavior, are sickening,” Horn said.

“It is clear at this point that my views about how the Lincoln Project’s efforts are managed, and the best way to move the Lincoln Project forward into the future in the wake of these awful events, have diverged,” she added.

According to the Times, Horn offered no further detail on her departure, but the Lincoln Project released a statement on Friday evening, proclaiming that the cofounder demanded a large signing bonus and $40,000 monthly consulting contract just two days ago.

“Forty-eight hours ago, at a moment when the Lincoln Project was under attack from the Trump organization and their propaganda allies, Jennifer Horn, in written communication, requested from the Lincoln Project an immediate ‘signing bonus’ payment of $250,000 and a $40,000 per month consulting contract,” the Lincoln Project said in a statement, adding that the demands followed a Christmas Eve communication from Horn, “where she demanded a board seat on the Lincoln Project, a television show, a podcast hosting assignment, and a staff to manage these endeavors.”

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The organization claimed Horn stated that her goal was “to establish immediate and long-term financial security.”

Read full article by Hannah Bleau at Breitbart by Clicking Here


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