Montana Democrat Demands GOP Colleague Remove Gun Pic From His ‘Zoom’ Profile


Rep. Mary Dunwell (D-HD84) made a bizarre demand to Montana Capitol IT Department, ordering Rep. Braxton Mitchell remove a photo on his personal Zoom account of him holding a rifle

Being easily triggered offended, Rep. Mary Dunwell went after Rep. Braxton Mitchell with both barrels vigor when she saw the rifle photo on her colleague’s personal Zoom account. After being asked by peacemakers referees between the two sides to consent to her demands and keep his powder dry reserve his energy for other fights, Mitchell then removed the gun photo that had Dunwell so fired up upset. Apparently, dismantling gun rights is clearly within Dunwell’s sights aspirations.

Rep. Mitchell has not used his personal Zoom account since before taking office, desiring to meet in person during the legislative session like most normal people who aren’t catastrophizing the consequences of the COVID chest cold. But an old photo of Mitchell holding an AR-15 sporting rifle soon found him the aim subject of Dunwell’s ceaseless moaning.

Asking how he felt being targeted the focus of such a frivolous complaint, Mitchell told the Montana Gazette, “I’m trying to do the people’s business. I haven’t the time to deal with distractions like that.”

Mary Dunwell

Apparently, Rep. Mary Dunwell – called sarcastically by conservatives “Darth Dunwell” for her absurdly over-done, two-ply face coverings resembling Darth Vader with germophobia (left) – saw the photo and was immediately micro-aggressed.

Meanwhile, Mitchell continues to be a high caliber quality representative trying to get bills passed that will save Montana’s economy and Darth Dunwell is complaining about the Free Speech rights of her colleagues.

Gideon Knox Group has since gifted Rep. Dunwell Gun: A Visual History book (below) so that she can learn to be less offended by photographs of firearms.

The think-tank wrote, “Please, let’s flood Rep. Dunwell’s inbox with hundreds of images of our lawfully-owned firearms so that she will understand how truly non-threatening, purposeful, and utilitarian our firearm collections are in the Big Sky State,” before adding, “Please, keep it non-threatening, polite, and appropriate! But if she’s that intimidated by mere images, it’s in her best interest to see that photographs don’t bite.”

Dunwell’s email address is

Meanwhile, Montana Shooting Sports Association (MSSA) president Gary Marbut said publicly, “Congratulations to Rep. Braxton Mitchell for exercising his First Amendment right of freedom of speech (visually) by showing a picture of himself exercising his Second Amendment rights.  It’s sad that some critics lack the intellectual bandwidth to understand either set of rights.”


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