So Far, Only Montana Legislators Who Wear Masks Are Getting COVID-19


If you’re looking for any real-life examples of why face masks don’t stop COVID-19 spread, one need look no further than the positive cases of COVID spread in the Montana Legislature, confined thus-far exclusively to mask-wearers

Despite Democrat officials in Helena, West Helena, and Lewis & Clark County pleading with Republicans not to meet in person to conduct the people’s business, COVID-19 has not proven itself deadly in the state capitol. Bucking all of the wailing, moaning, hyperbolizing, catastrophizing caterwauling of Democrats promising the imminent death and destruction of the legislature for meeting in person – and for Republicans not demanding masks – no “super-spreader” event has yet to break out.

Senator Susan Weber of the Blackfeet Tribe prophesied, “It has the potential of being a super spreader event. We are locked in this one Capitol building for 90 days. About 250 staff. About 200 lobbyists and then every person who wants to testify for a bill comes from every part of Montana.”

Unfortunately, no. Predictions of a super-spreader have not turned out to be accurate, despite potentially a thousand or more people at the capitol building at any given time, the vast majority without masks.

An obscure Democrat muckraking site run by public school employee, Don Pogreba, prophesied in a fanatical piece entitled, “People Will Die,” wrote…

More Montanans will die because this session will take place during what will likely be the deadliest month or two of the pandemic. More Montanans will die because people like Senator Ellsworth and other Republicans refuse to have enough consideration for others to wear masks. 

Pogreba’s crazy-eyed handwringing has proven to be as accurate as University of Montana’s election polling data. The legislature has not caused a COVID outbreak that is destroying Montana.

Helena’s liberals even picketed the state capitol, some with multiple masks (despite standing outside and social distanced) demanding Republicans put on their facial diaper (see below). Some of their signs read, “Real Men Wear Masks.”

Of course, real men don’t compete against girls in female sporting competitions either, but most of the mask-wearers would disagree. What is, and is not “real manhood” seems to in flux when Democrats take a look at scientific data and decide instead to legislate according to their feelings.

Meanwhile, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization repeatedly told the public that masks could not stop the spread of COVID-19 until the American lockdowns began. Many doctors and scientists around the world and emphatically declaring that masks have not helped the spread of COVID-19 one iota and because poor “mask discipline” can actually increase the risk of exposure, they have probably helped the spread more than stop it.

A case in point would be the legislature itself, as the second legislator has come down with COVID-19 since the session began. And for the second time, the COVID-19 patient is a left-leaning Republican who always, always wears a mask and sides with Democrats on the issue.

Brian Putnam (“R”)

Rep. Brian Putnam, who has the worst score on the party loyalty aggregator, Legistats, is never seen without his mask. All of the members of the Solutions Caucus, including its latest member and majority leader, Sue Vinton, wear their masks faithfully along with their Democrat colleagues led by Llew Jones (“R”-Conrad).

It seems that only mask-wearers appear vulnerable to COVID-19.

The other legislator to get COVID-19 is David Bedey, another far-left Republican who virtue-signals his mask wearing at nearly epic proportions.

Of course, RINOs and their Democrat colleagues will probably blame Republicans who do not wear a mask for the spread of COVID-19 among RINOs and Democrats. And this, like the concept of men competing in women’s sports, is fundamentally anti-science. Nothing in epidemiology would suggest that non mask-wearers can spread the virus but not, themselves, be susceptible to contracting it.

Mask science is garbage science. It’s time that the entire state realize that and begin to breathe freely again.


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  1. Could not agree more; there is no science behind the mask mandate. Indeed, this article shows that it is totally anti-science. True science is always ready to change when more information is obtained, and an original hypothesis turns out to be inaccurate. The whole mask thing shows how science is ignored by such crazy suppositions as:
    You have to wear your mask or my mask doesn’t work; one mask isn’t enough, you better wear two….or three; no, you don’t need two masks, one is enough; oops, wrong again, you do need two masks; infection rates are the same in the masked group as in the unmasked group, so that is all because some people aren’t wearing masks, ad nauseum. You really can’t make this stuff up. I’ll give them credit, their imagination seems boundless.

    • Great, I have said all along. Masks stop nothing, the Chinese have women them for 70 years. What have they stopped? Its all goverment control and misinformation.


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