Will Montana Legislators Honor Their Word on Forced Vaccinations?


As the paradigm slowly shifts from your neighbor being a member of the “mask police” to becoming a member of the “vaccine police,” one has to wonder how long it will be before the dystopic nightmare of a mandatory vaccine will become a stark reality.

As the establishment actors push forward with their sinister plans of bio-engineering the populace, the average person still has enough common sense to see through the ruse. In fact, in a recent article from Natural News, over 1/2 of the population surveyed said that they would decline the shot.

In Montana, the idea of a forced vaccination on the population was rejected on numerous occasions by legislators appearing on the Excellence in Voting Radio Show in the run-up to the 2020 election.

Despite the numerous declarations against mandatory vaccinations highlighted in the video linked below, the federal government is likely to put pressure on the Montana legislature to force compliance with a federal vaccine mandate by withholding federal funds.

In fact, the Biden Administration is already pressuring Montana to comply with the Biden gender policy regarding women’s sports to the tune of withholding $500 million in aid, as the Montana Gazette was told recently by a high-ranking member on the Montana Senate.

Your rights don’t come from the government and no one can force you to harm yourself against your will. This fact remains true despite any “law” or state\federal mandate that says otherwise.

The legislators outlined in the video below have come on record to reject tyranny and to stand for individual rights for all Montanans. Of course, the question one has to ask is will they still stand tall once the heat is on? Only time will tell.


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