Teenage Phenom Wows Helena on Pro-Life Legislation


Senator Theresa Manzella is elated over the Pro-Life direction of the current Montana legislature. So elated, in fact, that she released the following statement: 

“Republicans are bringing really good Pro-Life bills, and this session, we hope to get them signed into law! The past three sessions, we’ve gotten them through the legislature only to have the Governor veto them. Getting a bill through the legislature requires a team effort – A legislator to carry the bill, and knowledgable, articulate, committed proponents to give testimony and make the persuasive arguments at the bills committee hearing.” – Theresa Manzella, Montana Senate

As Manzella points out, a bill’s chance for passing is greatly increased by “knowledgable, articulate committed proponents.” One such proponent, and the main contributor, was an incredible 16-year old powerhouse named Kaitlyn Ruch.  
Kaitlyn’s speaking prowess was clearly illustrated during the recent hearing in Helena, but the young, pro-life advocate offers so much more. Kaitlyn is a 4.0 Student at Helena High School; President of Helena Students for Life; Class of 2022 Representative and Event Coordinator for Turning Point USA at Capital High School; a member of ProLife Helena, and an Honorary Member of Lewis and Clark County Young Republicans.

Ruch and her younger brother Luke were adopted at birth by her incredible and supportive parents. She has been involved in the ProLife movement for years and decided to start a chapter of Students for Life at her school this past fall. 

 “I remained hopeful and resilient even though I faced countless challenges from the school and extreme opposition and even cyber-bullying from some of my very vocal, liberal peers.”

In the midst of the Corona chaos, the valiant teen joined the local chapter of Turning Point USA(a group focused on spreading the message about limited government and fiscal responsibility.) In December, Ruch attended the Student Action Summit (SAS) in West Palm Beach, Florida with many of her conservative friends from Helena. At the SAS, Ruch befriended Rep. Braxton Mitchell from HD 3. 

A person of action, Ruch become even more involved in ProLife Helena over the winter.

“I testified for the first time in front of the House Judiciary Committee on January 19th and 20th in support of House Bills 136, 167, 171, and 140. House Bill 171, sponsored by Rep. Sharon Greef is to Adopt the Montana Abortion-Inducing Drug Risk Protocol Act. House Bill 140 sponsored by Rep. Amy Regier is Requiring the Provision of Information before the Performance of an Abortion. House Bill 136, sponsored by Rep. Lola Sheldon-Galloway is the Establish Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. Finally, House Bill 167, sponsored by Rep. Matt Regier, is the Born-Alive Infant protection act.” 

(Read Ruch’s actual testimonies here, here, here and here

Ruch continued, “At first, I was a bit nervous about testifying in front of such an important committee but after I started speaking, I realized that this is what I was meant to do and I was not nervous anymore. I was shocked when members of the committee (such as Rep. Derek Skees), those in attendance of the hearing, and even the sponsors of these amazing bills started talking to me and were so supportive of what I was doing, I did not realize how big of an impact my voice could have!”

All 4 of the bills passed through the committee and made their way to the House Floor. Ruch attended the first House Floor Session and watched those bills also pass there. Representative Skees used a quote from her testimony when the Judiciary Committee was doing executive action on the bills and introduced her to the House of Representatives as “One of the strongest, most incredible pro-life warriors I have ever met.” 

Ruch was thrilled. “That is a moment that I will never forget!” 

“I got to attend the Bozeman March for Life shortly after, and got to share my testimony at the (virtual) Helena March for Life.” 

Ruch, the “Pro-Life Warrior”, then testified for the second time in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on February 4th and 5th in support of the same 4 House Bills. She felt even more prepared and confident as she shared her testimony for life.  

“This time I was also welcomed with incredible support from the Republicans on the committee, including the amazing Senator Theresa Manzella.” Ruch stated, “I cannot express in words how much this overwhelming support means to me, and how much it motivates me to keep fighting the good fight, even in the face of adversity and in a world, where my perspective is not the popular one among people my age.” – KAITLYN RUCH

It is our hope and prayer that more young people stand up against murder and child abuse in our great state of Montana. We are proud of Kaityln Ruch as she speaks out and speaks life “in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation.”


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