Breathe Easy: Montana Ends Mask Mandate on Friday


Gianforte is slated to remove the unconstitutional mask mandate this week

There are no serious, peer-reviewed epidemiological studies demonstrating that face masks efficaciously stop the spread of COVID-19. In country after country, state after state, and municipality after municipality there has proven to be no coronavirus mitigation value whatsoever for jurisdictions that require masking versus those that don’t. Meanwhile, empirical evidence suggests that poor mask etiquette – of which most of the general public is guilty – correlates to a higher likelihood of COVID-19 transmission versus those who wear no mask at all.

As doctors, nurses, and local health officers are marched to the podium before Montana’s Legacy press corps and plead with the general public to wear masks in order to “save lives,” they do so completely absent of any demonstrable statistical evidence proving that masks actually stop the spread of COVID, or even limit it. For many, the superstition and pseudo-science of facial masking has served as an emotional pacifier for fragile adults who wear them like a security blanket. They work against COVID-19 as well as an invisibility cape, no matter how much Montanans have been lectured to wear them by the same “experts” who lectured us not to wear them during Phase 1 of the lockdown.

Many, if not most, of Governor Gianforte’s supporters, expected him to remove Governor Bullock’s mask mandate far sooner in his term. Considering the then-candidate Gianforte was regularly seen violating Bullock’s mask order himself, one might have thought that now-Governor Gianforte would have repealed the order by the same power of fiat by which Bullock instituted it. But instead, Gianforte passed the responsibility to the State Legislature, asking them first to pass a business liability bill designed to protect businesses against frivolous lawsuits in relation to the spread of COVID-19 on their premisis.

That largely unnecessary business liability bill (businesses just aren’t being sued for this, and the liklihood of lawsuits is slim in the future), SB65, started out in the Montana Senate as what some critics have described as “hot garbage.” The bill would have required businesses to submit to the dictates of their local health boards in order to maintain liability immunity, which would have provided no liability at all to the 90% of more of Montana businesses already ignored their health department’s imperial edicts. Thankfully, the amendments process successfully stripped SB65 of its more absurd language and was passed as Gianforte requested.

Gianforte’s office has told the press that he will repeal Bullock’s order finally on Friday at a ceremony for the signing of SB65.

Montana’s end of mask tyranny will come only a few days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention started demanding Americans wear two masks instead of one to stave off COVID-19. As late as April of 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention was telling the public not to wear masks at all, because they do not work to stop viruses like the coronavirus.


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