Bozeman Officially Adopts Marxist Ideology to Redistribute City’s Wealth


Bozeman is repeatedly heralded as one of the best places to live in the United States, bringing along with it residents from all over the United States seeking to flee high taxation, increasingly depraved city life, and crime. Unfortunately, some newcomers (like their representative, Ed Stafman) immediately try to reshape Bozeman like the hellscapes they came from.

And if Bozeman continues down the path its current city council and mayor are taking it, Bozeman will more closely resemble Chicago or San Francisco than Montana.

Calling their wealth-redistribution scheme “inclusivity work,” the Bozeman City Manager, Jeff Mihelich borrowed a phrase from Critical Theory, a Marxist scheme also known as “Identity Politics.” Critical Theory is premised upon the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism, and its central purpose is to transfer wealth from “oppressed” people groups to “oppressor” people groups. Watch below for an explanation.

Bozeman, through Mihelich, is now trying to address what they call “Inequity” as a part of their “Inclusivity Work” (see below from a prominent fake news site).

The terms “Inequity” and “Inclusivity” are a part of the Critical Theory acronym, D.I.E. (which is appropriate, because Critical Theory kills every culture or institution it touches). D.I.E. stands for “Diversity, Inclusion, Tolerance,” catchphrases and codewords for the Marxist redistribution of wealth (see below for an explanation).

The City of Bozeman has hired a ‘woke’ firm, Thomas P. Miller and Associates, to look at the residents of Bozeman and determine how to transfer wealth from the rich to the less fortunate. The website for Thomas P. Miller and Associates promises a committment to these very Critical Theory catchphrases…

This seems odd, considering the firm’s company directory looks like a sea of white people (see below).

The firm is supposed to look at “inequity indicators” to determine which groups need to have money stolen from others and given to them instead.

According to Bozeman’s death-rattling newspaper, “All city employees have received workplace diversity training, Mihelich said, and a handful of employees underwent a more intensive training on the role of local governments in advancing racial equity.”

Notice, they are not using the term “equality.” They are using the Critical Theory catchword, “equity,” which refers to everyone having the same amount of money, resources, or privilege.

As Bozeman’s economy booms, residents need to know that the liberals in charge of their city government will make the city less and less desirable to those trying to escape liberal overreach and live a life unencumbered by ineffective (but cumbersome) social engineering and wealth-redistributing theft through taxation.


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