Indian Leaders Demand Rosendale, Daines Support Biden Appointee Because of Her Skin Color


Racism seems to be alive and well within the Montana American Indian Caucus, who are demanding Republicans support people based on ethnicity

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” – Martin Luther King, Jr

As important as energy production is to Montana’s economy – including Montana’s Indians Tribes, some of whom, like the Crow, are economically dependent upon coal production – it would make sense that Rep. Matt Rosendale and Sen. Steve Daines would oppose an Interior Secretary pick who has promised to close down thousands of Montana jobs and steal millions from our economy.

However, the Montana American Indian Caucus has issued a blithering letter to the Republicans, demanding that they support Biden’s pick, Deb Haaland, as Interior Secretary based on nothing but her ethnic heritage.

Calling their opposition to Haaland and accusations that she’s an environmental extremist “deeply offensive,” the caucus immediately discounted the evidential reality that Haaland is, indeed, an environmental extremist. It’s not racist to say so…it’s realistic to say so.

As the most-read news source in Montana has already covered, Haaland believes that climate change is “racist” and wants to end oil production in order to save non-endangered species (like wolves). Meanwhile, Haaland is poised to flood Montana with wolves, devastating outdoorsmen who feed their families from wild game. And finally, Haaland has fully endorsed Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s “Green New Deal” that is chocked full of insanely radical environmental policies that would kill millions of American jobs and cost Montana public schools hundreds of millions in revenue.

Apparently, the American Indian Caucus finds the truth to be “deeply offensive.”

Rep. Jonathan Windy Boy from Box elder somehow was granted omniscience by the Great Spirit, able to impart to the politician knowledge of the hearts of Rosendale and Daines (either that or there’s wacky tobaccy in the peace pipe).

Windy Boy would immediately impugn Rosendale and Daines with “racism” and “sexism” for not supporting someone merely because of their race or their sex. This is, of course, both racist and sexist of them.

Perhaps one day, Caucasians and our Native American friends in Montana can get along, once people stop being insufferable racists to one another, as Windy Boy seems to be. He said…

“I think that it’s unfair for everyone to prejudge her as unqualified. Why? Because she’s a Native? That’s probably what this is all about, that she’s a woman, that she’s a Native.”

Of course, nothing in any statements by Rosendale or Daines suggests the reason Haaland lacks their support is because she is Native. Rather, it’s because she’s a wealth-redistributionist who supports the Green New Deal.

Meanwhile, many Native tribes are also opposing Deb Haaland because she’ll be a nightmare for their ability to feed their families. These include the Ute Indian Tribe and numerous North Dakota Tribes who have also officially rebuked Biden for his destruction of the energy sector, which funds many Indigenous economies.

Should we suppose the Native peoples opposing Haaland are also bigots, racists, and sexists who hate Indians?

In Montana, we eschew racism of all kinds. We aspire to be trans-racial and to view people by the content of their character and not by their tribal membership. Senator Daines and Rep. Rosendale should continue to lead according to what is best for Montana, and not bow to shameful racialism.

If the white man wants to live in peace with the Indian, he can live in peace…..Treat all men alike. Give them all the same law – Chief Joseph


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