Montana Senator Jon Tester Lies Despite Video Proof Exonerating Trump


There is arguably no term that better illustrates the definition of oxymoron more than “honest politician.” In fact, as the events surrounding the entire presidency of Donald Trump continue to unfold, a case could be made that an honest man or woman simply cannot make it in politics.

In Montana, we have the worst of both worlds when it comes to our 2 elected Senators, Jon Tester and Steve Daines. Tester is an open liberal that frequently votes along party lines, even when it damages his own constituents like his vote to reject the Keystone Pipeline.

Daines, on the other hand, who ran as a Conservative that supported Donald Trump, threw Trump under the bus when the staged Capitol Building insurgents made their way on to “hallowed ground” in DC. Daines is actually very comfortable throwing folks under the bus as he did when he gave away Montana’s water rights in the Covid bill, but Daines is not the topic for this article.

Recently, Jon tester was quoted in an article posted by Mike Dennison at MTN News. In the article, Senator Tester said the following regarding the aforementioned Senator Steve Daines:

He’s covered for this president and he was one of the 13 people that spread the lie about the election being stolen until the rioters overran the United States Senate chamber” – Senator Jon Tester

The real truth of the matter is that Jon Tester knows differently, as the proof of election fraud is voluminous and has been widely distributed on various video platforms and social media posts. See a great example of the proof of election fraud by watching the video below.

In that same article, Senator tester referenced a conversation that he had with a capitol cop who claimed that they “dodged a bullet” when it came to the rioters breaching the Capitol Building. Again, that claim is simply untrue as the video linked below shows.

America has a long way to go before we can “come together,” as the phony catch-phrase used by the left would seem to indicate. If we were to come together, we know that it would need to be from a foundation of truth and not from our current foundation filled with lies and deception.


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  1. Being from Montana/Wyoming, I can’t believe that the people of Montana would put up with a liberal piece of trash like jon tester. We all know it’s only because of the trash pits of Bozeman, Missoula, and Kalispell that he is where he is… but I am so disappointed in the freedom loving people of Montana for allowing this marxist/communist to represent them in Congress.


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