Video: AG Austin Knudsen is Armed for Battle Over Keystone Pipeline


In a story that made national news, Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen is spearheading the legal fight against the Biden administration’s Executive Order that essentially canceled the Keystone Pipeline project, a decision that has already had numerous adverse effects on citizens of the Treasure State.

Even though Knudsen has been in office for just over a month, he is not letting that stop him from standing up to unlawful federal mandates, and he now has over a dozen state attorney generals on-board as well.

Austin Knudsen is not only leading the pack on the Keystone issue, but he is among numerous public servants across the country who are bucking the Biden administration and defending their own state from federal tyranny. Below are just a few of the headlines of late that highlight the surge in awareness of the Biden unconstitutional orders:

Missouri House passes ban on enforcement of federal gun laws

Fredericksburg representative files bill moving toward vote on Texas independence

THE RESISTANCE: North Dakota Legislators Plan To Nullify Biden’s Executive Orders At State Level

With headlines like the ones highlighted above, one can clearly see that the movement against tyrannical federal laws is gaining momentum in America, and we couldn’t be happier at the Montana Daily Gazette.

Attorney General Knudsen took a few minutes out of his busy schedule recently to speak with Jim White of Montana Gazette Radio about his decision to defend Montana against Biden’s job-crushing Executive Order on Keystone.


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