Blues Clues Thinks Gender Identity Programming is Good for 3-5 Yr. Olds


From The Post Millenial

“P is full of Pride,” or so a new Blues Clues, a long-running educational cartoon show on Nick Jr., for kids age 3 to 5, declared in a new alphabet song. The song featured a screen filled with various LGBT-adjacent pride flags with Blue, the helpful puppy, smiling next to the letter P, filled in with the new LGBT flag, complete with black, brown and trans stripes.

Sammi Chan, an animator for Nick Jr., tweeted out in excitement, “The first thing that came to my mind was P is for pride when I got the script. I am so excited that all of ya’ll are as happy as I am! I also did all the letters and graphics for this episode to be as inclusive as possible for Black History Month! #PRIDE #BluesClues #LGBTQIA”

Chan posted this over a comment declaring “Blue says LGBT rights!’ and LGBTQ Nation gushed over the display declaring, “It’s never too early for kids to learn to be proud just for being themselves.”

However, what a 3- to 5-year-old is supposed to see in themselves reflected in these flags is uncertain. The image contains eight separate LGBT-adjacent flags representing pansexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, asexuals, gender fluid, transgender, nonbinary and intersex identities.

It’s not clear if the creator just grabbed a random assortment or put any real thought into the selection, but absolutely none of them make sense for this particular age group. I had to google them myself to figure out which was which and I am certain parents of curious children did too.

How do you explain to a 3- to 5-year-old child they must have pride in themselves as someone with no sexuality at all or possibly someone with all the sexualities combined? Is your pre-schooler nonbinary or gender fluid? Perhaps your 4-year-old son could be a transgender lesbian and just doesn’t know it yet. Thank goodness for this educational material!

Searching for “Blues Clues” on Twitter now reveals a cornucopia of Tumblr-style fan art of Blue, the puppy who helps educate your children, frolicking with all manner of LGBT pride symbolism, with a wide array of Blue, who is a girl, with her own girlfriend, another character on the show named Magenta, who is pink, who wears a trans pride hair bow while Blue wears a demisexual pride bracelet. Demisexual, if you don’t know, means you’re only sexually attracted to people you’re emotionally bonded with. Certainly, a concept important for pre-school kids to understand.

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