Letter to the Editor: Kalispell Superintendent Should Stop Hurting Kids


Micah Hill, Superintendent of School District 5 in Kalispell, Montana, has acted in ways that some have characterized as, “spineless and heartless,” but mostly he’s fearful. Last year, Hill responded to an email from a school parent by stating, “I expect that we will encounter lawsuits.” 

That remark was in reference to the mask mandate for schools which is still intact. 

Hill, afraid of offending lawyers but apparently adept at offending local taxpayers, warned the public that “any child not wearing a mask would be escorted out of the school.” 

Superintendent Hill proclaims to be a Christian, but the harm he’s causing children should give him a reason to pause and reflect.

“But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”

Hill and his cronies (the uneducated and incompetent KPS school board comprised of mostly weak-kneed liberals) have dug their heels in regardless of the abuse they’ve allowed school children to incur. 

In addition to his role as superintendent, Micah Hill is also on the “Covid Advisory Board.” The board, comprised of individuals such as the former Health Officer, the uninformed and naive Tamalee St. James Robinson (who has since resigned thankfully), and is now replaced by Joe Russell, who is pompous and assuming. 

The real culprits who are responsible for making the cruel decision to enslave children are Joe Russell, Micah Hill (the Flathead County Health Officer), the KPS school board, and the NWMASS (Northwest Montana Association of School Superintendents).

Micah Hill and KPS school board members are living and dying on the ambiguous and vague statement in the Montana State Constitution Article X, Section 8 which states: 

“Section 8. School district trustees. The supervision and control of schools in each school district shall be vested in a board of trustees to be elected as provided by law.”  

The excerpt above is just one example of why it’s so very imperative to vote in knowledgeable, conservative, and conscientious school board members.

School districts are given power because they are outside the jurisdiction of the legislature and the governor.

The above statement regarding school districts may be true, however at NO TIME can one portion of the Montana State Constitution overrule or override other precedences within the same Constitution.

For example, the Text of Section 1 states, Educational Goals and Duties. Article X Section 1 of the MSA reads, (1) “It is the goal of the people to establish a system of education which will develop the full educational potential of each person. Equality of educational opportunity is guaranteed to each person of the state.”

Simply stated? 

This is Hogwash. How can a child reach “the full educational potential” when they are (and they are in these school districts) vomiting, fainting, having migraines, getting dizzy, being manipulated, being oxygen deprived, and constantly distracted by tugging pulling, and handling these filthy face masks? And if a parent chooses to keep them home instead of partaking in the masking abuse? That child then misses out on many things that their peers are getting while present in school such and group lab work etc. 

Affidavits of Harm and Liability were presented to the County Commissioners in Flathead County concerning the abuse of children forced to wear masks. For example, ” When my son ran track in school for four miles each day the coach forced him to do so in fear the health department would close them down. He contracted Staph Infection as a result of being forced to do that.” 

The Montana State Constitution also states in Article 2 Sections 2, 3, 4, and 6 that Montana residents have a right to “bodily autonomy” (meaning to decide what is best for their health or their minor children) as well as a right to dignity which the use of face coverings is of conflict. The list goes on and on. 

For months parents have been disparaged and have written, called, emailed School District 5 in Flathead County and other districts (as many have been doing statewide) with no solutions. 

What is really at the core of all of this? Are schools really so concerned that children will catch Covid and die? No, they are more concerned about being sued. Because we all know that in general Covid 19 is not dangerous for children. BUT If one immune-compromised child or teacher did get sick or die (highly unlikely) and if that transpired, Micah Hill and his entourage would be in an upheaval if students were unmasked. 

What they are worked up about are the teachers. Teachers. That’s what this boils down to. It’s NOT the children that are of the utmost concern it’s the teachers and the other adults who work in a school system. What if they can’t get the vaccine quickly enough? What if they are immune-compromised? Well, the answer is obvious. Have them stay home. Let THEM teach remotely or gain Covid 19 Pandemic Unemployment funding. Plenty of substitute teachers would jump at the chance to fill in for absent teachers especially if they were allowed to do so void of a face diaper. Plain and simple schools are afraid to lose their worker bees. 

By and large, there are far more students nationwide who’ve died via suicide from “Covid” lockdowns than there has been from any such virus. 

Why should children be punished?! Why should their health be compromised? Aren’t schools for children? Something’s afoot. This ought naught be. 

Even Elsie Arntzen (Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction) agreed that “masking is abusive for children and there should be a choice.” Arntzen has been distraught for months over this and the horrific things that are happening to Montana’s children. And her hands are still tied. 

As far as masking goes and if it works or not there is a crystal clear answer. Just take your child outside in below 30 degrees, strap the Teflon coated face diaper onto the poor innocent victim’s face and tell them to breathe normally. You will see fog and water vapor spewing everywhere from all directions out of the faulty virtue-signaling contraption. Film it. 

Furthermore, when the School Board for District 5 was presented with cold hard facts and even a machine that measures carbon dioxide output and oxygen input (a student demonstrated what happened while wearing a mask and yes the levels fell within the danger zone), they still didn’t budge. 

This isn’t about your child/children. It’s about control. And it’s about putting children and families and their rights second. Or rather, not at all. 

It’s time for parents statewide to take a stand and peacefully exert their Right of Assembly and Freedom of Speech. Gather distraught parents in each county and start to protest at schools, at health departments, and even in front of the homes of these people who are abusing your children. 

All school districts that are forcing the masking of children need to be called out. 

The time is now. Time is of the essence. Don’t wait. 

Brenda Roskos

[Editor’s Note: This letter-to-the-editor is pointed and direct. However, Montana Daily Gazette has not personally researched the claims made herein and publishes it in a commitment to free speech and fostering healthy community debate on important subjects. If someone would like to provide a counter-point or opposing view to the one provided here, please send your letter to the editor for publication]


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