Dark Winter: Montana Going Dark as ‘Green Energy’ Infrastructure Collapses


Recently, Joe Biden promised the country a “dark winter.” It sounded ominous at the time, but it sounds especially ominous now. Montana’s power is going out.

Three million homes and businesses, accounting for 4.4 million Texans, are out of power in the Lone Star state thanks to its reliance on Green Energy during a record-breaking cold snap. With ‘global warming’ being a long forgotten myth, Texans are in dire jeopardy as zero-degree temperatures are being felt for the first time in recent (or distant) memory.

Texas, obviously used to mild winters, doesn’t have the capacity to endure the cold that Montana has. Its homes are poorly insulated, its vehicles don’t have block heaters, its highway departments don’t know what to do about snow, and worse yet, the state has been increasingly reliant on “Green Energy” developments that don’t work in the cold. The state’s windmills have frozen still and its solar panels are covered with snow. In short, Texas is freezing.

Power outages in Texas, source here

As Tucker Carlson explained on Monday, “So it was all working great until the day it got cold outside. The windmills failed like the silly fashion accessories they are, and people in Texas died.”

Despite Big Tech’s fake “fact-checkers” denying Carlson’s literal facts, the Texas power grid head has confirmed that frozen windmills are indeed responsible for the state’s energy woes. It’s hard to imagine any better authority than the man who runs the Texas grid. Meanwhile, half of Texas’ windmills are now out of commission. Windmills ordinarily account for 23% of the state’s power needs. Right now it’s in the single digits, which has been enough to throw Texas into the dark.

The frozen internal mechanisms of a Texas windmill, which has stopped to a standstill in a response to the freezing cold

What does this have to do with Montana?

By comparison, Montana is well prepared for sub-zero temps and this has been – until last week – a very mild winter. Snow pack in the mountains has been oddly low and the daily temperatures have been unseasonably warm throughout the winter over-all. And yet, our power is going out all over the state.

Various county electrical cooperatives have notified customers that they are restricting energy usage due to a nationwide outage (seen above) caused by Texas’ coldsnap. Montana’s power is being diverted to Texas, leaving the Big Sky State in the dark.

The black outs, mostly in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota by areas serviced by Montana-Dakota Utilities (MDU), are being coordinated in order to save power and transfer it “where it is needed most,” which apparently isn’t to the MDU rate payers.

The culprit is called the “Southwest Power Pool” (SPP), a program in which states share power with one another in interconnected grids (see map below). In short, what happens in Texas affects the coridoor all the way north to Eastern Montana and North Dakota.

In a press release, MDU stated…

“Montana-Dakota Utilities is a member of the MISO transmission grid and energy market. MISO does not expect to implement load reductions today, and Montana-Dakota Utilities does not expect any power interruptions today. The region’s other transmission/energy group, Southwest Power Pool, is curtailing load again today. Montana-Dakota Utilities does not receive energy from SPP and therefore is not impacted.”

It turns out, MDU is pretty awful at making predictions. Their press release wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on, and power outages immediately surged after their statement. After outages hit Kill Deer, Williston, and Dickinson in far-western North Dakota, MDU stopped updating their outages map.

This statement, which is flatly wrong, remains on the MDU website.

North Dakota’s Governor Bergum contradicted MDU’s hogwash statement, “Southwest Power Pool declared an Energy Emergency Alert Level 3 and directed its member utilities to implement controlled interruptions of service to prevent further power outages. SPP is urging consumers in its regional grid operating area, including North Dakota, to reduce their consumption of electricity at both home and work as SPP and its member companies work to restore the grid to full capacity. We thank North Dakotans for doing their part to conserve power.”

County commissioners in Eastern Montana, Disaster and Emergency Services, and other organizations are warning the public that power outages are indeed a real possibility in coming days, and for some counties – like McCone County – they’re already here.

Meanwhile, Public Service Commissioners are staying on top of possible rate hike requests by the largely incompetent MDU and Northwest Energy as the natural gas supply is being stretched to the limit. Unfortunately, Senator Kary (R-Billings) is continuing to push for his bill dismantling the PSC and surrendering control of the organization to state bureacrats.

No doubt, an energy crisis is no time to trash the only state entity tasked with the duty of protecting the interests of Montana rate-payers.


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