Outrageous! Montana Woman Fired for Attending Mostly Peaceful Protest at U.S. Capitol


Karen “Lou” Coverdell has political views shared by 75 million people (if you believe the voting results from last November’s election). And like many of her 75 million counterparts, Coverdell is being persecuted for those views.

Along with thousands of other MAGA supporters, Coverdell took the long journey from Montana to Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021. Unbeknownst to Coverdell, her trip to the nation’s capital would cost her a job at National Flood Services, a place she had worked for 7 years.

Overwhelmed with the excitement and magnitude of the day’s events, Lou took time to create a quick video to capture the moment. Her brief video is linked below:

The above video, along with social media posts, was enough for Coverdell’s employer to decide that her services were no longer needed. To be clear, she has never been convicted of a crime in her life and was not charged or questioned by police for her participation in the events of January 6.

Although Coverdell stated in the video that “we just stormed the barrier,” it was the proverbial or “royal we” and she had no part in violence or property destruction, as explained in the video below.

Coverdell’s termination letter can be found by clicking here.

Karen “Lou” Coverdell joined Jim White from Montana Gazette Radio recently to set the record straight and to correct the false information that was responsible for her untimely departure from National Flood Services.


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