Legislature Decides Montanans Can Be Discriminated Against Based on Vaccine Status


Did this just happen? Apparently, it did. The Montana House of Representatives just decided that it’s acceptable to discriminate against Montanans based upon whether or not they have taken the largely unsafe, untested, and ineffective COVID-19 vaccine.

Jennifer Carlson

Jennifer Carlson (R-HD69) sponsored HB415, entitled “An Act Prohibiting Discrimination Based on Vaccination Status.” The bill, introduced by 60 co-signatory Republicans, would have prevented any entity receiving public tax dollars from discriminating against someone based upon their “vaccine status.” If the bill had become law, many employers would be disallowed from making hiring decisions based upon whether or not someone had taken a vaccine and would have stopped employers from mandating their employees inject unknown or untested chemicals into their bodies.

Unfortunately, the bill failed the House of Representatives in a 50-50 split, and Montanans will now be forced to dope up with drugs they don’t personally approve of.

Ironically, the bill was largely defeated by those who believe the mantra, “My body, my choice.”

Voting against the bill were almost all Democrats, who also support 5 year-olds deciding whether or not to cut off or mutilate their genitalia. But it seems that bodily autonomy doesn’t apply to well-informed adults deciding what chemicals course through their bloodstream.

Republicans voting against the bill affiliate with the Solutions Caucus Democrat Crossover legislators, including David Bedey, Ed Buttrey, Geraldine Custer, Julie Dooling, and Llew Jones.

These “Republicans” don’t believe in bodily autonomy, personal liberty, civil rights, or even the most fundamental concepts of freedom. More than that, they have violated their oaths of office promising to uphold and defend the Constitution, which requires under the 14th Amendment equal protection under the law for all people.

These are also the Republicans that you will see scurrying through the halls of the Montana State capitol like little cockroaches, with their masks upon their face like fanatical, terrified, scientifically-unintelligent Non-Player Characters nodding their noggins like bobble-heads in agreement with everything told them by the CDC, not matter how inane or medically unrealistic.


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