Montana Bill Preventing Mentally Ill from Lying on Birth Certificate Passes Hurdle


Although the number of Americans who suffer from gender dysphoria (which the DSMV lists as a mental disorder) is very small, their lobbying efforts are powerful and backed by the Democratic Party.

Ordinarily, treating mental health disorders requires psychiatric help to bring the patient back to sanity and dispelling their bizarre notions that don’t accord with reality. But for the LGBTQLNMNOP+/-^™ community, treating so-called “transgenderism” requires chopping off penises and terraforming vaginas, catering to the mental illness and succumbing to its unstable whims.

Those suffering from this mental health disorder believe they are biologically the wrong gender. This unscientific notion is superstitious and mystic, holding that an individual’s “inside self” – or soul – exists and somehow differs from biological reality. The belief in “transgenderism” is fundamentally a religious notion, completely detached from medical science or objective reality.

In various jurisdictions throughout the United States, those suffering from gender dysphoria are being allowed to retroactively change their birth certificate, perjuring themselves, and rewriting history. This is done to make the mentally ill person, who desperately needs real psychiatric help, feel accepted and more easily believe their self-delusions instead of actually helping them.

However, SB280, sponsored by Sen. Carl Glimm (R-SD6), will disallow men from claiming to have been born females and will disallow women from claiming to have been born male.

This can’t be changed by cutting your penis off ^

The bill is not perfect, however, from a realist’s perspective. It requires the “transgender” (mentally ill) person to first get a court order proving that they have mutilated their genitalia and/or been injected with the wrong hormones in order to obtain a fraudulent birth certificate.

In reality, of course, a man who cuts off his penis is not a woman, but an emasculated man. A woman who cuts off her breasts is not a man, but a deformed woman. And in neither case, pre-mutilation or post-mutilation, is a time machine invented that can change objective reality at the time of their birth.

Nearly a dozen opponents spoke against the bill as it was being heard in commitee, with only Jeff Lazsloffy of the Montana Family Foundation speaking in favor of it. Those who spoke against the bill did so on the superstitious, scientifically bankrupt notion that gender is a matter of identity preference.

For those unable to determine gender, we would kindly submit to you this link so you can tell the difference between males and females.


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