Montana Bill to Protect Kids from P0rn Tabled By Committee


The concept is simple enough. When purchasing web access from Internet Service Providers, parents should be able to choose a porn-free option to protect their kids. With such an option in place, moms and dads can rest assured that their children don’t have access to hardcore p0rnography on their desktops, laptops, cellular devices, or streaming services.

The technology already exists and is widely in place by schools and libraries around the nation. There’s little reason to not allow parents choice over the type of Internet accessible by their children.

Unfortunately, common sense bills don’t always make it through the Montana legislature, and HB492 by Brad Tschida (R) was tabled in the House Technology Committee (chaired by Rep. Derek Skees).

To alleviate any First Amendment/Freedom of Speech concerns, the bill didn’t levy any fee or tax, regardless of whether they opt in or opt out. There is no censorship involved – quite simply, any content that is available to an adult today will continue to be available; however, minors and those who opt out of p0rnography will receive internet service that is filtered but at the same speed, quality and cost as is today. 

Big Tech lobbyists, funded heavily by cutthroat pornographers who currently are responsible for 35% of all Internet downloads, perjured themselves before the committee and convincingly claimed the bill provided censorship. One opponent reportedly claimed that allowing parents to opt-out of porn would “send Montana back 100 years to the telegraph.”

Montanans, and indeed all Americans, should wonder why Big Tech is so intent on allowing children to access p0rnography. While censoring conservatives, the technocracy is doing everything possible to allow obscene material into the lives of our children.

[Editor’s note: The word “p0rnography” was repeatedly misspelled so as to avoid automatic demonetization by our ad sponsors, which are governed by AI and cannot distinguish between articles about p0rnography and websites offering p0rnography]


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  1. Parents can easily block porn sites on their children’s computers and smart phones by purchasing Kaspersky or other virus software.


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