Video: Daines Man-Handles Deb Halaand For Putting Bears Above People


Stammering, stuttering, and back peddling, Deb Halaand was left without any option but to look foolish while being questioned by Montana Senator Steve Daines

Montanans can regularly play a game of Good Daines/Bad Daines. Sometimes Montana’s Republican senator runs afoul of basic conservatism, such as his support for the resource-stealing Water Compact or his betrayal of President Trump in the 11th hour. Conservatives don’t like that Daines very much.

But sometimes, Daines genuinely shines as Montana’s senator, and today is one of those days.

Liberals around the country who have been brainwashed by Critical Theory – an ideology that claims Dr. King’s virtue of colorblindness is “racist” and instead believes that skin color is everything – have demanded conservatives support Joe Biden’s pick for Interior Secretary on no other grounds than that she is Native American.

No, really. That’s their argument. For racists masquerading as anti-racist, the woman’s ethnicity is enough reason to confirm her to Biden’s cabinet. Meanwhile, non-racist, sentient human beings with a modicum of fiduciary responsibility are trying to vet the appointee based upon her merits.

Liberals stand aghast.

The argument against Halaand as Interior Secretary, so far as Montana goes, is that she’s a radical environmentalist who believes in so-called “climate justice” and that climate change is racist. Due to her bizarre belief that climate change targets minorities, she strongly supports Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal, and wants to end the petroleum industry to save bears and wolves.

As Montana’s cattle ranchers are suffering because of the unwise reintroduction of the wolf back into an ecosystem that killed them off for a reason, Deb Halaand is convinced that – with her Pueblo heritage showing forth – wolves are magical creatures that are one of six guardians over mankind. While someone’s religion (or ancestral superstitions) are certainly no test for public office, wanting to cripple our economy to save four-legged spirit critters might deserve some scrutiny.

In the video below, Daines presses savagely aggressively upon Halaand regarding her vote to list grizzly bears as “endangered” in perpetuity, despite the fact that they’re literally nowhere near endangered.

Halaand’s only response to Daines’ challenge as to why she would list grizzlies as endangered no matter what was, “I was caring about the bears.”

Interestingly, Halaand is rabidly pro-abortion, caring slightly less about humans. Watch below.


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