If It Weren’t For Braxton Mitchell, We’d Blame It On Being a Millennial


Not that it matters much so far as votes go, but Rep. Stromswold (“R”) brought in her goldfish to the House floor to keep her company. We suppose it’s better than a bedazzled Justin Beiber poster, but just as inane.

Here’s to hoping Rep. Stromswold one day votes like a conservative.


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  1. This seems like slander. Why are you so against a politician that is doing as she promised to her constituents. I would rather have someone that brings a “goldfish” to the house floor than someone that sounds to in-titled to serve the people that elected him. If you have to slam someone for serving the people that elected them by doing what they promised you must really not be able to find anything wrong with their true politics. Everyone knows that the you just choose her name because Rep Mitchell can’t maintain a positive news heading. Instead of slamming another well working candidate please try and help the other one in the headline who can’t seem to figure out how to effectively serve Montanans. You should also check your dates because Mitchell and Stromswold both are not Millennials. For a publication that prides themselves on serving readers you should be looking into easy facts such as these.


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