Illegal Immigration Group, of Which Gianforte is a Member, Funded by Montana DPHHS


Shockingly, Greg Gianforte’s name is prominently displayed as a member of Michael Bloomberg’s illegal immigration advocacy group, New American Economy. It is unclear when Gianforte signed up to support the far-left group, as it lists him as the CEO and Founder of Right Now Technologies, a company the governor has since sold. As of today, Gianforte is still listed as a member even after our bombshell report.

Gianforte has not responded to concerns that he is a member of Bloomberg’s far-left group, but neither the governor nor his office are known for responding to constituent’s emails (admittedly, a sore spot for this publication who has never had a message or email returned by Gianforte during his campaign or tenure as Montana’s governor). In his silence, we have to presume Bloomberg’s website is accurate.

As previously reported, New American Economy is a progressive think tank and advocacy group promoting illegal immigration, amnesty for criminal aliens, and its founders and directors are staunch opponents of gun liberties. Why Gianforte is a member is unknown, as his policies do not seem to coincide with Michael Bloomberg’s. We presume kindly upon the governor that this was politics-as-normal and he perceived it as a way to network with East Coast elites, but we do not know for sure.

However, disturbingly, Debbie Westlake has uncovered some troubling connections between New American Economy and your public tax dollars.

New American Economy, of which Gianforte appears to be a member, is being funded by your tax dollars through the Montana Department of Health and Human Services.

New American Economy issued a call for help amidst the Covid-19 “pandemic” to help keep their sub-organizations online and working during the economic downturn caused by the government response to the Chinese chest cold. Our first clue that it has tentacles in Montana is below.

Listed among them is the International Rescue Committee, with a cell group in Missoula.

International Rescue Committee in Missoula is one of 23 such cells throughout the United States, not only affiliated, but organizationally attached to New American Economy (see below).

The organizations regularly partner with one another, and to the extent that they’re almost indistinguishable (see below).

Like many Dark Money projects in Montana, the funds of big-city liberals are laundered through two or three different shell organizations until they arrive at their target, disguised as “grassroots support.”

This organization, International Rescue Committee, seeks to use Montana to resettle primarily Arab and Muslim individuals in the Big Sky State (see below), which most discerning individuals realize is an intentional plan by Democrats to reshape the rural American politiscape and to turn “red” regions “blue.”

Unironically, and with concern to conservatives everywhere, roughly 87% of refugee resettlements are placed in rural areas that consistently vote Republican, leading many to believe that the figure is more than coincidental.

The organization is funded largely by globalist donors, such as Bill and Melinda Gates and Google (see below).

But, there’s no real controversy here. A globalist, anti-American sovereignty organization headquartered in New York is funding a progressive illegal immigration splinter group in Montana. The Dark Money invasion of Montana to push liberal ideologies is fairly common.

But what’s tragic is that the International Rescue Committee is also being funded by your public tax dollars through the Montana Department of Health and Human Services (see below).

As you can see above, the organization was given $6,501.24 by MT DPHHS in 2017. Research into other years is ongoing. It should be emphasized for fairness that this funding doesn’t appear to be the work of Greg Gianforte, who only became governor in January of 2021. Currently, we are unaware if Bloomberg’s group is in Gianforte’s budget for this year.

However, uncovering Montana’s support for such outrageously leftist organization through our public tax dollars should be immediately addressed by Governor Gianforte. Will he continue to fund this pet project of New York liberals? Will his association with Michael Bloomberg corrupt his views?

Time will tell.

[Editor’s Note: Although the governor must be extraordinarily busy, Montana is not so large a state that Governor Gianforte or his staff can’t respond to press inquiries or emails from his constituents. We would implore him to direct his staff to act like Montana voters have a pulse and should maybe be responded to once in a while. For those upset at our negative coverage of the governor’s affiliations, tell him to respond to press inquiries on occasion so we can tell his side of the story]


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  1. I have never considered Gianforte a philosophical conservative. Certainly he is no where close to a Constitutional Conservative. Be prepared for disappointment during his tenure as Governor.


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