New ‘Green Decoy’ Fake Sportsmen’s Group is Attacking Montana Republicans


The Montana Daily Gazette has consistently worked to unveil the out-of-state Dark Money being used to create fake sportsmen’s groups – known as Green Decoys – to attack Republicans. Democrats, vulnerable in the Big Sky State for their unilateral support of gun control, have been posing as pro-sportsman groups for more than a decade.

Appearing as gun-toting outdoors activists from Montana, these groups are funded by big-pocket Democrats from outside our borders, only occasionally grabbing a Montana Democrat, dressing him up in upland bird hunting gear, throwing him a double-barrelled shotgun as a prop, and telling him what to say for the camera.

We covered the fake groups’ support for anti-gun candidate, Kathleen Williams. We covered their 2020 campaign blitz for Montana Democrats. We covered their use of Washington D.C. Democrats posing as Montana hunters for a Bullock campaign video. We covered their claims that Montana Republicans are trying to “steal” our public lands. We covered their attempt to pose as hunters and anglers, when in fact they’re tree-hugging hippies.

Despite their failure to convince Montanans that the party of gun control hates hunting, a new Green Decoy group has just emerged to make claims against some of the best pro-gun and pro-sportsmen Republican officials in Montana.

The new organization, which is entirely funded and staffed by all the other Green Decoy groups, is called, “Montanans for Access.” The not-really-organized organization, a fly-by-night “pink slime” lobbying group, is little more than a well-funded website designed to attack pro-gun Republicans.

What are these fine Republicans guilty of doing that can be characterized as “attacking public access?”

Geniunely, it’s a mystery because the website doesn’t explain (see below). Rather, it makes wildly unsubstantiated claims.

Other than claiming, “Lawmakers are trying to slash funding across the board” (IE save taxpayer dollars), there’s no hint as to how they’re trying to stop you from accessing public lands. But in their complaint, they betray their agenda.

Funded by big-government liberals, these Green Decoy groups attack Republicans who try to ensure a sensible size of government, maximize personal liberty, and maximize personal responsibility. This, to progressives, is offensive.

Thankfully, Montana’s vast wilderness is free to visit any time you want. While various government entities, like Fish, Wildlife, and Parks should be tightening their belts during Bullock’s COVID-19 recession, it literally doesn’t prevent a single soul from venturing into the great outdoors.

Although they did not list how these legislators were, in particular, trying to stop land access, they did list some of their ideas to make Montana a better place. Thankfully, from the list we know exactly what they’re smoking.

To be clear, the organization wants (1) pot to fund their legislative priorities, to (2) protect our ability to acquire new land, which is not in jeopardy, to (3) expand access along the Yellowstone in Eastern Montana, and to (4) stop the transfer of public lands into private hands.

The list is bizarre.

First, there’s no risk to following through on the will of the people regarding I-190, de-criminalizing possession of marijuana. There’s no current fight to prevent our ability to purchase new land as needs arise (although spending public resources is always a battle Republicans and Nanny-Statists will have). There is literally zero controversy in Eastern Montana about Yellowstone River access (none, zilch, nada, moot issue), which is easily accessible every few miles from Billings to the Confluence with the Missouri River, east of Sidney. And furthermore, Republicans already oppose the transfer of public land into private hands (unless the public land is landlocked by private land and inaccessible to Montanans, at which point land-swaps or buy-outs should be considered, with the money used to purchase additional state lands).

The organization, claiming to represent Montanans, is actually funded by the Wild Montana Action Fund. Sounds Montanan, right? It’s not.

Montana’s Democrats are desperately and fraudulently doing anything possible to fool voters into believing the party universally chosen by hunters and anglers is opposed to public land access. The extent that they will go to deceive should be evidence enough of the bankruptcy of their values.


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  1. Hard to believe your publication is silent in SB143. A vital piece of legislation that effects directly Montana’s economy. The left has used these green decoys to stir up the Non resident DIYer to subvert industry stability for outfitting, the number 3 economic driver behind fuel and lodging, and clearly has huge impact on the top 2.


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