Video: Students Organize Mask Walkout Protest at 2 Flathead Valley High Schools


Madeline Bondy and her family are incredibly sad. Sad that the mask mandate for schools in Flathead County has continued for so long. So Madeline, 15 and a freshman at Glacier High School in Kalispell,  finally had enough and decided to head up a mask protest (a “walkout”) at her school. 

Word about the protest caught on like wildfire. Bondy, a leader in the all-student-led protest, was quickly joined by Sierra Vickrey, age 16 from Kalispell’s Flathead High School, and Kate Opre, age 16 from Glacier High. 

Since the announcement of the protest, Bondy’s phone has been ringing off the hook. “People are very excited,” Bondy stated. Many community members, as well as many students, want to help stand up against the masking tyranny.  Bondy wants the school board to “represent our opinion and not theirs.

All three young ladies experienced resistance from both teachers and administration when they began to hand out flyers for the upcoming protest. Opre added, “teachers stated that any student who chooses to participate in the walkout and is unexcused can’t make up any of their work that day and if they have sports practice that day they aren’t allowed to go which, in turn, will make it so they miss their next game.” 

Vickrey shared that there’s “been some retaliation.”

Unfortunately, the entire situation makes the teachers and administration look like tyrants who feel threatened by these young patriots standing up for their 1st Amendment rights and urging others to do the same. 

Recently, Bondy took the fight outside of the school walls and spoke at a meeting consisting of over 100 local patriots in Kalispell, where she received not one but two standing ovations. It was her first-ever public speaking engagement, and she scored big while answering questions as well as taking advice from the wise group of freedom fighters in the audience.

Many people from the group, along with other community members, will be attending the protest and offering moral support to these courageous young adults.

Bondy, as well as the other students involved in the protest, seem wise beyond their years as they work together to make signs and create opinion polls with questions like, “If you didn’t make it to the walkout and wanted to was it because you were afraid of your teachers?” It is a fair question since it has been reported that some teachers threatened “school will be shut down” if a walkout is attempted.

To further illustrate the student’s displeasure with being masked by force, those attending the protest plan on returning to school the next day unmasked. 

The walkout event was precipitated by a recent 11-0 school board decision conducted at a special meeting that kept the entire School District 5 covered in face diapers for the foreseeable future.

Recently, the Flathead County Health Board decided not to continue the mask mandate, which Governor Gianforte recently dropped. Local schools, looking for additional support, were denied further masking mandates as a local County Attorney advised against it by wanting to avoid lawsuits.

 The “walkout” protest will take place on Tuesday, March 9th, at 2:30 PM at Flathead and Glacier High Schools simultaneously. Students ask that you come to the protest, bring your family, friends, a sign, and support these students who’ve worked diligently to end the unconstitutional and illegal school mask mandate. 

All 3 young ladies who are organizing the protest recently joined Jim White of Montana Gazette Radio to lend insights into their motivation for organizing the event.


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  1. Hi – Thank you so much for this story and for these courageous kids. I’m a dad in Flathead county. I have kids in public schools here as well as one in college. I would very much like to reach out to these kids and help with their fight. Is there a group page or way to reach them? I’m fairly knowledgeable about the big picture of what we are up against and this is really just getting started. I know all of the talking points of these mask nazis and know how they’ve all been brainwashed into thinking this is okay. The REAL science is showing masks VERY BAD in many different ways. I want to help these kids get some momentum and win this fight. Could you please put me in touch with them or their parents. There must be a facebook page or way to contact the movement. Otherwise can you please have them contact me? I’d like to help them with resources like


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