Liberals Cancel Dr. Seuss for Political Incorrectness


I do not want to cancel speech.

I do not want government overreach.

I do not like this cancel sham.

I do not like it but here I am.  

Theodor Seuss Geisel was born on March 2, 1904. Every year millions worldwide celebrate America’s favorite children’s author but this year, he’s being censored. Six all-time favorites will not be republished which include, McElligot’s Pool, And to Think I Saw It on Mulberry Street, The Cat’s Quizzer, If I Ran the Zoo, On Beyond Zebra, and Scrambled Eggs Super! 

Dr. Seuss’s works are now labeled as racist and they (Dr. Seuss Enterprises) don’t want his “reputation” being tainted if these books land back on the shelves. Here’s an example from a page out of McElligot’s Pool (which could have possibly stirred up some trouble.) 

This illustration shows fish dressed up like Eskimos and traveling downstream. Most likely Seuss himself didn’t mean for this to be racist but rather endearing and inclusive. 

Next on the censoring horizon or talk of it are the Curious George books because “the man with the yellow hat is white and brought George to the U.S. from Africa.” Also under scrutiny is Babar the Elephant and in some places even “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein which is perhaps the most poignant and beautiful of any children’s book ever written. One review revealed, “This book about a female apple tree who gives everything it has to a greedy boy throughout his life was banned at a library in Colorado in 1988 for being sexist and has been challenged in several U.S. schools because it “criminalized the forest industry.”

Recently Mr. and Mrs. Potato head has had a hay day as they “aren’t promoting gender equality and aren’t inclusive.” However, “After announcing that Mr. Potato Head would be going gender-neutral, Hasbro took back the decision and decided that Mr. & Mrs. Potato Head aren’t going anywhere. In a tweet, Hasbro said, “Hold that Tot” your main SPUD Mr. Potato Head isn’t going anywhere!”

Apparently money talks. A lot.

To the tune in fact of between about $700 to roughly $2500 (and beyond)  for the “banned” Seuss books. One source stated, “Capitalists are taking advantage of the censoring..”

These are, in fact, several cases of what is termed as “Red Herrings” or things that are meant to be distractions. Meanwhile, there are some extremely and critically, harmful and abhorrent atrocities happening. While some are targeting (via a petition) the “Same-sex kiss between two men in the new Cadbury egg commercial” millions worldwide are oblivious to such grievous and heinous acts.

[Editor’s Note: We originally included a photo of the Cadbury commercial depicting two men kissing over a cream-filled Cadbury egg, but homosexuality is gross and nobody wants to see that]

Unbelievably, transgender and pedophile library hour aimed at three and four-year-olds is still seen as “normal” among many, as is worldwide masking of school children and quarantining of such (said healthy children) even to the point of suicide all in the name of public health.

With CPS selling children as sex toys and Biden calling for the “vaccination of all people” plus headlines that read, ”Biden plans to reinstate federal funding for abortions in executive order” and “Biden rescinds abortion restrictions on US foreign aid” we have bigger fish to fry than those swimming in McElligot’s Pool. 

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by Brenda Roskos]


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