An Open Letter to Gov. Gianforte: Stop With the Stupid Masks Already


Governor Gianforte,

We, Montanan conservatives, voted for you. We fought for you. This publication, Montana Daily Gazette – the state’s #1 news blog (by far) – endorsed you. In fact, during the primary, we ran 15 articles favorable to your candidacy. Since your election, we have run 9 articles complementary of the decisions you have made while in office.

But as we pointed out, Governor, in the article entitled, Three Things Governor Gianforte Has Done that Makes Conservatives Very Nervous, your leadership thus far in the governor’s office has been less than conservative on some very important issues. And with our finger on the pulse of Montana’s conservative voters, we can confirm that they are not happy with your track record thus far.

Governor, never in my life have I seen any statewide office more indifferent to voters and more closed-off to constituents than yours. By a large margin, Governor Bullock’s office was far more accessible to the voters and more responsive to Montanans with concerns or questions. And even though I wouldn’t vote for a Democrat for anything so much as the local dogcatcher, I expect elected officials to show the decency of responding in some form – if only through their office or staffers – to their constituents.

And because your office seems inept at answering emails or press inquiries, I presume that you’re not accessing conservative social media groups to see the growing disdain that your voter base has for your left-of-center governance.

While I remain eternally thankful for your support for the unborn and your opposition to gun control, these are not the only two issues that require right-of-center governance from the executive branch. Because you do not see fit to respond to private correspondence to a local Montana pastor, a Republican state committeeman, and a leading news publisher who has done nothing but support you in recent years, I’ve no other choice but to turn this into an open letter in the hopes that it may get your attention.

Let me give you some examples as to why conservatives are nervous with your leadership:

Your executive order 2021-2, overturning some of Bullock’s COVID-19 mandates, fell short of what was necessary to allow Montanans to breathe freely again. In particular, your declaration that schools should follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) did the opposite of freeing us from mask tyranny. No demographic on Earth is less-affected by COVID-19 than children, who – although are not immune to COVID-19 – are largely immune to its symptoms. With only .01 percent of children who show symptoms succumbing to the virus, it is significantly less deadly to kids than the seasonal flu, accounting for only .07% of deaths nationwide due to COVID-19, despite children comprising 24% of the American population. In Montana, zero persons aged 0 to 29 have died of COVID-19. ZERO. Furthermore, studies show that children are not carriers or spreaders of COVID-19 to adults and that no school on earth has been a “super-spreader” to other demographics in the community, including their own teachers.

By telling schools to continue to follow CDC guidelines, you’ve chosen to govern from Atlanta rather than Helena. Montana schools are some of the very last places in the state to still require masking, and the science is screaming at us that schools are the least necessary places in the state to require it.

Governor, you chose to punt on the issue of masks to the state legislature, placing the impetus upon them to pass a wholly unnecessary business liability bill, despite businesses not being sued across the country for spreading COVID (nursing homes and meat-packing facilities are the only exceptions). In reality, this bill was required because your pals in Washington, D.C. – chiefly Mitch McConnell – have been paid-off by the nursing home lobby. The bill had zero to do with Montana, and everything to do with appeasing the Beltway.

Simply put, conservatives do not appreciate you making us cover our face longer than necessary just to backslap worthless politicians in D.C.

But beyond this, legislators in the Montana Capitol regularly complain about the double standards your office perpetuates in regard to masking. Legislators have communicated with the Montana Daily Gazette that masks are not required in your offices. And yet, whenever there is a bill signing or whenever else the cameras are present, you require people to mask up.

Governor, you are a Christian. I know that because you explained the Gospel to me yourself, once upon a time. But as a Christian, we should not be double-minded. In fact, the Scripture says that a double-minded man is unstable in all of his ways (James 1:8).

When asked by a legislator why masks are only required for the cameras, your Lt. Governor told them that federal money is at stake, and the governor’s office doesn’t want to appear to be obstinant in regard to masking to the Biden Administration. And so, whenever the cameras are present, you then – and only then – require masks.

My dear governor, this is deceitfulness. It is dishonesty. You are a man of higher character than that. If masks are not required in your offices, then making a show by enforcing masking for photo-ops is misleading to the public, and you should stop (politically) and repent (spiritually) for breaking the 9th Commandment.

As an example, I’ll show a photo (below) of you reading a book to elementary school children, with them spaced 6 feet apart and wearing masks.

How politically correct of you! Here you are reading from a book into the microphone (despite the CDC allowing masks to come off in order to engage in public speaking). These are our children, with their beautiful smiles covered by wholly unnecessary and ineffectual masks.

Here’s a photo taken a few minutes later (see below).

In this photo (above), there’s no social distancing. There’s no masking. Apparently, the photographer wanted to see their smiles for the camera, the risks of COVID-19 transmittal be damned. And, of course, this photo is exactly how it should be.

Governor, you cannot explain why masks are imperative one second and – with the same group of kids – not imperative the next. This is a schizaphrenic attempt at public relations that makes you look weak, ineffectual, and imbalanced.

In short, this type of thing is pure insanity and Montanans are sick and tired of it.

Governor, you’ve done things that don’t make sense for a conservative to do. You have pushed for a pay raise for government employees amidst a record-breaking recession, despite the GOP platform saying that government expenses should grow no faster than the economy of the private sector.

And governor, your office has on several occasions encouraged legislators to kill bills that would lower taxes, largely because you appear unwilling to cut the state budget almost anywhere.

This letter is not adversarial. It is not coming from your opponents. This letter is coming from your biggest supporters. Please, for the love of all that is holy and good, stop capitulating to political correctness and stop being bullied by Montana’s liberal legacy press. Stand your ground, take off your mask, and demand that schools act immediately to unmuzzle our children’s faces.

We believe in you. But please, please do not take our votes for granted. Instead of being worried about what Democrats think of you, start considering for a moment that the very Republicans who voted you into office will soon vote you out of office if you don’t begin acting like the conservative you promised us you would be.

[Editor’s Note: Contributed by Jordan Hall, Sidney]


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  1. The letter to GG is brilliant. Well done. His hypocrisy is so unexpected. But then again, he did get $800 million with SB 65

    • Great letter. GG probably doesn’t give two hoots about what we think. Now… I’m curious, how did GG get $800M from SB65? The FEDS? Can anyone elaborate?

  2. Agreed. The only thing I would add to this letter to Gov. Gianforte is this: As a Christian the Bible is clear about the principal of quarantining sick people and not healthy people (Lev. 13-15 which feeds right into the gospel in chapter 16). Further, what are you afraid of? If you are a Christian, we don’t fear viruses, though they are real. We don’t fear man (WHO, CDC, and Governments), though they can imprison or kill us. While I understand being cautious with an unknown flu virus, the right thing to do as a Christian and as an American is to educate people and let them make their own health decisions. Don’t punish everyone for a few cellar-dwellers who are afraid of their own shadow.

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