Opinion: Wearing a Mask is a Walking Billboard for Your Abject Stupidity


In many ways, America is safer than ever. Mostly, that’s because it’s easier that ever to tell who the stupid people are so that we can avoid them.

Oh, sure. There’s the brain dead dingbats who wear masks while driving, as though the Wuhan virus is going to jump through the car window at 60mph at assault them. And then there’s the donkey-brained simpletons who can be seen jogging down the street with a mask, as though the virus is going to jump them like a roofied college girl in Central Park after midnight.

Their idiocy is on full display before the world already, and it is both cringeworthy and, if nothing else, the sign of a low IQ.

But what about those who still persist to wear masks in stores, restaurants, and marketplaces? Yes, they also share the cognitive reasoning processes of a drunken fruitfly.

Of course, mainstream media has a vested interest in keeping people afraid of their shadow. And weak-willed, soft-brained, short bus-riding dunderheads are quick to comply to whatever insanely idiotic measure the “health experts” require of them. And most of those mask-wearers lean heavily liberal, already living under the misguided notion that if the Nanny State suggests it, it must be a good idea.

Don’t get me wrong. Being stupid is not wrong, per se. Some people just can’t help their limited intelligence. We shouldn’t blame them because their mother dropped them on their head as babies or because they suffer some debilitating genetic defect. It’s unfair to castigate someone as evil just because they haven’t the brains God gave a potbelly pig (pigs are pretty smart).

As some might say down South, “Bless their hearts.”

But what we, as sentient, literate human beings should do is stop tolerating stupidity on parade. While we’ll happily tolerate whatever kind of dumb personal stylistic choices people make (for example, dudes wearing skinny jeans), it doesn’t mean we have to like it and neither does it mean we can’t point out the absurdity of it.

Ironically, these Neandrathals power-walking with their face condoms and shopping with their mouth diapers probably look at those of us without masks as primitive, ignorant, or ill-informed. Worse yet, they might even consider us unloving, selfish, or perhaps dangerous. But I’m reminded of my mentally retarded friend in high school who went around calling people retarded all the time. It was a tad unfair we couldn’t say it back, but such is the price of civility when conversing with an actual retarded person.

But with the mask nonsense, I think we’ve all had enough.

An extensive control study conducted in Japan in 2009, conducted over a 77 day period with 32 healthcare workers, concluded, “Face mask use in health care workers has not been demonstrated to provide benefit in terms of cold symptoms or getting colds.” You can see the study here.

A Cambridge University study in 2010 searched medical data from 1960 to 2009, combing it for information related to the efficacy of masks to stop the seasonal flu. The study included 279 study citations, 56 detailed and specific studies on masks, and 12 different studies used in their final results that were most relevant to the issue. It cited studies in Japan, Hong Kong, and Canada, asking individuals to sneeze or cough into petri dishes. The study ruled, “There is little evidence to support the effectiveness of face masks to reduce the risk of infection.” You can see the study here.

A 2012 study conducted between the Health Protection Agency in London and the European Center for Disease and Prevention in Stockholm, Sweden, also looked at the efficacy of masks to stop virus transmission. Following the methods first done by the University of York, the study confirmed, “None of the studies we reviewed established a conclusiverelationship between mask ⁄ respirator use and protection against influenza infection.” You can see the study here.

A 2016 study looked at data from 1990 to 2014 conducted by controlled trials on the efficacy of N95 masks to stop the spread of airborn viruses (a total of 29 studies). The study showed that, “Although N95 masks have proven to be superior to surgical masks in laboratory settings, neither N95 masks nor surgical masks have proven effective in non-clinical settings, like those experienced by the general public.” You can see the study here.

A 2017 study by Oxford University looked at the efficacy of masks to prevent transmission of novel respiratory pathogens, using medical databases from all over the world. They determined that out of 2,333 academic research articles on the topic, “showed no significantly protective effect for N95, medical or cloth masks.” You can see the study here.

The scientific data is overwhelming. Masks do not stop viruses like COVID-19. Simply put, if the mask doesn’t prevent someone from breathing, it’s not going to prevent them from spreading the novel coronavirus. And if this isn’t enough evidence, remember that the CDC told Americans not to wear masks – because they do not work – until well after Phase 1 of the COVID-19 lockdowns began (see below).

Meanwhile, we’ve all see the window-licking mouth-breathers strutting around Wal-Mart with the masks well under their nose, or in some cases, even their chins. Believing that this has any mitigating effects on the spread of COVID-19 at all is truly an exercise in unsurmountable stupidity.

The advice of health experts from the beginning has been that social distancing is far, far more important than masking. And yet, here are the brain-dead maskers, walking around Wal-Mart to purchase their weekly dose of Twinkies and fidget spinners as though their masks are kyrptonite against viruses.

Never mind, to these low-information humans, that COVID-19 has a .04% death rate and kills only those with debilitating health conditions. These mental midgets are walking around with their chests puffed out as though they were heroes, saving the planet from an apocalypse doomsday scenario, when instead they’re just signaling their lack of thinking capacity.

The time has long passed for reasonable, literate Americans to give a pass to the terrified bed-wetters and boot-shakers who are masking up to go the post office. It’s unscientific. It’s medically ill-informed. It’s socially unjustified.

And while we should all appreciate “stupid” being branded on the face of the truly mentally challenged, so as to protect both them and us from their mental inanity, it would be best for our communities as a whole to just let everyone breathe freely again.

The “crisis” is not only over, it never existed in the first place. Colds come and go. But stupidity lasts forever.


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  1. I’m going to use this picture and put it on the side of my car what a great article…. honestly I don’t think it’s a sign of stupidity it’s a sign of severe delusional psychosis…. thousands of psychiatrists and psychologists have written articles on this.. they’ve been taken off YouTube and off the internet… mainstream media knows that wearing masks is a sign of low IQ and they’re reversing the situation by making intelligent people look stupid like they have low IQs for not wearing one…. the end result will be an unmasked Revolution..


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