Who is Teaching Kalispell Kids to Be Brain-Dead Catastrophizers?


Don’t let the headline mislead you. Kalispell Montana is a wonderful place with many well-adjusted, intelligent, and bright people. The Flathead Valley, for so many reasons, is one of the best places in the Big Sky State to call home. But something is happening under the surface in Kalispell that is producing mind-numbing drones instead of reasonable, free-thinking citizens. And by “under the surface,” we mean it’s definitely the public school system.

At this stage of the COVID-19 “pandemic” (if that’s what you can call something that doesn’t raise the rate of death, only kills people with underlying and pre-existing deadly conditions, and that 85% of people don’t know they have unless they’re tested), only the illiterate or those who choose not use their literacy to avail themselves of ignorance actually believe that masking can help end the spread of the Wuhan Flu.

While the news media and legacy press outlets continue to serve as America’s Ministry of Truth, misleading the public about the efficacy of masks, the necessity of COVID-19 vaccines, and the importance of social distancing to stop an illness no more deadly than the seasonal flu, reasonable Montanans are able to look around us and see that the only reminders of the “pandemic” are what’s worn on naive people’s faces.

But that’s the point. Masks serve one primary purpose, and it’s not to stop COVID-19 (because the medical data demonstrates they don’t). Masks serve the purpose of reminding Americans that there’s something to be afraid of. That’s because COVID-19 is largely a paper tiger, and people are not – in fact – dropping like flies all around us.

Without fail, the major negative consequences of COVID-19 are government related, and not disease related. Economic recessions, draconian lock-downs, the infringement of personal liberties, unmitigated and irrational fear, inter-community hostilities, and bizarre fits of largely unnecessary health paranoia are all the consequences of government agencies trying to help. The virus itself, had it been treated according to common sense, would have been a slighly abnormal spike in nursing home fatalities and little more.


Catrastrophization is a benchmark characteristics of what is known as “snowflake culture.” Common among young people, especially those indoctrinated in liberal institutions, is the phenomenon of catastrophization and is defined as “assuming the worst about any mundane situation, presuming catastrophic or apocalyptic, life-ending or life-altering consequences for what ought to be presumed is normal or easily over-comeable.

In other words, it’s the tendency of brainwashed highschool and college students to believe that the world is a fragile place and every political, environmental, or economic concern is a possible doomsday event, either individually or personally.

Montana Daily Gazette has written about such catastrophization many times, particularly from Helena School District Comintern, Don Pogreba, who has accused Republicans of “causing thousands of people to die” for showing up to outdoor events without masks.

The strategy, common among leftists, is to make young people believe that welfare reform will kill the poor, social security reform will make the elderly starve to death, immigration enforcement will “place kids in cages,” or climate change will make the Earth flood and ultimately kill us all.

The goal of catastrophization is to take apathetic young people, convince them that every issue is a life-and-death issue, and activate them as social crusaders trying to save the world. This seems to have worked in Kalispell, Montana.

Kalispell School District Seems to Be an Anti-Science Haven of Paranoid Superstition and Fanaticism

The Kalispell School District voted to retain absurd mask requirements, against all medical and scientific reason, in an 11-0 vote. School District Trustees wore their masks in the public meeting, but Kalispell residents reporting seeing virtually all of those trustees without masks both immediately before and immediately after the meeting, and report they regularly go maskless when conducting business locally.

For some odd, probably superstitious reason, the School trustees think COVID-19 is magically prevented inside the school by wearing flimsy cloth facial coverings, despite them not wearing masks at virtually any other time. Their hypocrisy and thinking-failures should stand out as funny, if not sad that such limited-IQ people are in charge of a school district.

In reality, it’s probably not that the trustees are stupid, per se. It’s likely they are simply signaling their virtue to show that they love kids, despite their course of action having literally zero positive effect for mitigating the spread of COVID-19.

But quotations from the Flathead Beacon demonstrate that the children in the high school are operating from an extreme case of mental deficiencies, indoctrinated with the most perverse forms of catastrophizing fear.

Consider, for example, Scout McMahon, who told the school board, “This is a reality I, my peers, and the teachers in this room have to deal with, the fact that we are living in the midst of a global pandemic that, yes, is still happening. We are still coming to school and risking our lives every day.”

McMahon’s comment, of course, is asinine by every demonstrable degree. It is devoid of reality, contradicting his initial claim to be speaking in the realm of that which is real. McMahon’s comments earned laughter from the audience, as they should have.

His comments were inane, flatly ridiculous, medically unfounded, and scientifically absurd.

Are students “risking our lives every day” by coming to school? No. That’s silly.

The Facts: Are Kids “Risking Their Lives” By Going to School?

Here are the up-to-date figures of those who have tested positive in Flathead schools. Notice, the first number (left) is staff who are/were positive, and the number of the right are the students who are/were positive for COVID-19.

As you can see, the numbers aren’t tiny. Lots and lots of students and faculty have received the novel coronavirus.

Here are the number who have died – statewide – of COVID-19, 17 years of age and younger (below).

You might notice that the number is zero.

But let me repeat Scout McMahon, “This is a reality I, my peers, and the teachers in this room have to deal with, the fact that we are living in the midst of a global pandemic that, yes, is still happening. We are still coming to school and risking our lives every day.”

The reality is that driving to school is a significantly higher risk to the lives of the poor kids at Kalispell high school than COVID-19.

And yet, that didn’t stop the fear-laden students from treating masking like the antedote to a deadly disease.

Emily Hove, a junior, told the school board, “To ask us to come to school without a mask mandate is to ask us to risk our very lives. Please consider what the students have to say.”

These students, if for no other reason, should fail their classes for the inability to think coherently. God help us if these kids grow up to graduate and enter the workforce. The only jobs they will qualify for, being that inept at basic thinking processes, is for the teacher’s union.

Children, of course, have the right to speak out at a board meeting and share their point of you. And in America, we have a right to compare their point of view to empirical evidence and call those children’s ideas stupid. Because, of course, they are stupid. They are abundantly, horrifically, inexcusably stupid.

But the real blame here shouldn’t be on the kids whose ideas are fantastically moronic. The blame should be placed upon their parents and teachers for raising kids who are unable to determine truth from fiction, who catastrophize the news, and who live in a makebelieve fairy-land where COVID-19 poses a danger to young people when – in fact – it does not.


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