90+ State Lawmakers Demand Resurrection of Keystone Pipeline


More than 90 Montana Lawmakers have signed a letter to President Biden demanding that he reinstate what he shut down on his first day in office by executive order.

The letter makes the case that the Keystone XL Pipeline is not the same project that was reviewed and declined in 2008 by the-President Obama, but that the company behind the pipeline (TC Energy) has promised to make substantial changes, including making it a zero-emissions project.

Because energy production is the lifeblood of Montana, something that will bring hundreds of jobs to rural Montana at a minimum, and put bread on the table for those families, the project is seen as a much-needed good thing in Montana and for Montana. It has been projected to bring $80 Million in revenue to the state.

The letter states, “Decisions about this project long ago stopped being about the merits of the project. Now it seems every decision is politically motivated…” It goes on to state, “The shutdown of the pipeline ultimately hurts those most vulnerable.” \


Original article written by Bowen Xiao of The Epoch Times. Title Changed by Montana Daily Gazette.


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  1. What do you suppose would happen if all of the companies and States involved in Keystone XL, after having put in all the effort/time and money to acquire the legal permits to build the pipeline simply just went back to work? I’m pretty sure there’s enough support to buffer the workers from outside interruptions.


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