Richland County Pro-Life, Pro-Liberty Petitions Move Forward


After Richland County residents met in a packed town hall meeting on January 27, 2020, to discuss initiatives to declare the county a safe haven for the unborn and for Second Amendment rights, the liberal legacy press outlet, the Sidney Herald, castigated the room as “a bunch of old, white men” and unceremoniously announced, “no one is trying to take your guns.”

This week, the Sidney Herald’s statement facepalmed itself into the Yellowstone Valley soil, as the U.S. House of Representatives passed a measure that would prevent peer-to-peer sale or transfer of firearms. Other gun control bills are quick on their way, which will ban many types of currently legal firearms, make the price of ammunition unfeasible for most Americans, require a background check to buy ammo, and will require a $200 tax stamp to purchase semi-automatic rifles and even a $200 tax stamp for every high-capacity magazine you own.

Should these bills pass the U.S. Senate, which is currently controlled by Democrats, they will certainly be signed into law by President Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, Montana’s stalwart MSSA (Montana Shooting Sports Association) has been working overtime with state legislators to pass bills that will iterate the state’s right to nullify or ignore unconstitutional gun-grabs by the federal government.

However, this is not enough. Officials on the county level, including commissioners, sheriff, prosecutor, and judges all must speak up now to clarify that they will make good on their oath to protect and uphold the United States Constitution.

In Richland County, now is the time for residents to speak up and let their voices be heard to the county’s three commissioners, Duane Mitchell, Shane Gorder, and Loren Young. All three commissioners are Republicans who enjoy much favor with local voters.

Unfortunately, Commissioner Mitchell is the only commissioner to have signed on to the sanctuary petitions thus far. Neither Commissioner Gorder nor Young have rejected the idea, but have taken a “wait and see” approach to determine whether or not Richland County residents really support gun rights and the right to life. And so, the petition efforts move forward.

With only 9 thousand residents and approximately 2,500 regular voters, the petitions – available online – have already received quite the progress. The petition to declare Richland County a safe place for gun rights, which can be found here, has received 257 signatures. The petition to declare Richland County a safe place for the unborn, which can be found here, has received a whopping 717 signatures.

However, Gideon Knox Group president, Jordan Hall, says more help is needed.

Hall said, “We want to put this petition into every mailbox in Richland County. Every 5×7 mailing will have instructions on how and where to find the petition if they want to sign in person, and it will also have QR Codes that residents can scan with the phone to take them directly to the petitions at”

A Go-Fund Me has been set up to raise the $2,500 necessary to send the mailers from Campaign Victory, a mass-mailing company used by some local candidates in their campaigning. The rest of those funds will be used to place advertisements in the Richland County Round Up newspaper, informing residents on how to sign the petitions and when they will be presented to the county commissioners.

Hall added, “I know all the commissioners and like and support them all. I think they’ll do the right thing for the county. And the right thing is asserting our rights, even against pressure from Washington to do otherwise.”

He concluded, “The commisioners just need to hear – and hear loudly – from the people of Richland County, and we should be able to seal this thing up.”

To donate to the petition efforts, click here to give at GoFundMe.

To sign the petition for Second Amendment rights, click here.

To sign the petition for the Right to Life, click here.


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