Helena School Teacher Unaware that Men Can’t Give Birth


Don Pogreba wrote a blog post angrily denouncing Rep. Barry Usher for stating biological facts about how babies are made

The field of science may seem intimidating to some, but the basic rules of biology aren’t that complicated. Women give birth to babies. Men don’t give birth to babies. For most Montanans, we figured this out from either nature or agriculture. Others had to be availed of the ignorance in sex-education class or Cinemax after 10PM. But for one Helena school teacher, basic reproductive biology seems out of his intellectual grasp.

Don Pogreba, a Comintern school teacher in the Helena School District, a former gubernatorial candidate in the Democrat primary, and operator of the primary Democrat junk-blog, Montana Post, had a conniption fit over the weekend because a Republican legislator pointed out that women have babies.

Rep. Barry Usher (R-HD40), in a hearing in HB367, is quoted as saying…

Wildlife, you know…the females are nurturers & birthers…and that’s the same with humans, is that not true?”

Of course, Usher’s comments are both scientifically and sociologically accurate, two subjects that one would think are still taught in the Helena School District. Obviously, this upset Pogreba, who apparently thinks men give birth (or that it’s insulting to say that women do).

Pogreba wrote at the junk-blog…

That’s the reasoned judgment of Mr. Usher, who, in a hearing on HB 367, decided it was an ideal moment to diminish women and express notions of gender that were perhaps more acceptable in 1943.

Don Pogreba seems to think that recognizing that only women have the capacity to be mothers is diminishing women. Why does Don Pogreba hate women so much? Should their capacity at childbirth and child-rearing be an object of scorn? In his mind, is it an insult to point out that women are mothers? Why does the Democratic Party insist on waging war on women this way?

We post the following illustration for the sake of Pogreba and whatever youth in Helena may be under his tutelage, which seems to be cloaked in a worldview hostile to science or at least ignorance of human biology.

Babies come from the figure on the right, not the left (for Democrats who aren’t familiar with reproductive science).

Also upsetting Pogreba, besides the part about women giving birth, is that Usher appealed to thousands of years of sociological evidence in the written historical record that women are the primary nurturers of children.

Of course, this fact is not entirely sociological. Again, for Don Pogreba and the poor children of the Helena School District, we have included another diagram of the biological feature that lets women – and not men – literally nurture (from the Latin, to nourish) children.

While leftists may wish for men to be able to give birth to children or for women to pee standing up without making a mess, that’s simply not possible in terms of objective reality. Science is real.

It’s possible that Pogreba is most upset at Usher’s “gender stereotyping” of women as biological “birthers” because of some misguided, pseudo-religious, metaphystical and mystic concept of gender being fluid and determined by the subjective imaginative walk-abouts of the individual. But no matter how long a man has lived in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe, he’s not going to give birth to a child.

Pogreba ended his religious, anti-science diatribe with a demand that Usher apologize. We would predict that would happen when hell freezes over, but it’s 60 degrees in Montana in March, so anything’s possible.

But considering Usher is both literate and knows how babies are made, we doubt it.


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