Shock Video: Biden Admin Caught Faking Press Appearance, Doctoring Footage


Footage of Joe Biden Answering Reporters Has Been Doctored by the White House and Is Proven Fake

We want to credit David Morrill of Mile High Evening News and co-host of Polemics Report with JD Hall for discovering the very obvious, inexplainable, and demonstrable faked footage of Joe Biden answering questions of reporters. As a disclaimer, JD Hall is the president of Gideon Knox Group, the publisher of the Montana Daily Gazette.

In clear fabrication, footage has been released by “reporters” working with the White House, showing Joe Biden answering questions in the open air. Someone who works regularly with green screen technology will instantly recognize the clear-tell signs of its use, most notably seen in concealing the president’s feet, which are much more difficult to fake if seen in the complex shadows produced by feet pounding pavement.

But even if someone isn’t familiar with the signs of green screen footage, one part of the clip indisputably demonstrates footage tampering.

Chiefly, it’s this; Joe Biden appears in front of the mic, ostensibly held by a reporter.

Don’t phase out. This isn’t conspiratorial craziness. This isn’t a QAnon hoax. This is footage of the U.S. president – which has played on many mainstream media outlets – candidly answering questions in a presser that either didn’t ever happen, or has been significantly and obviously altered by the press and/or the White House.

As you watch the footage, pay attention closely. It is physically impossible for what appears to have happened to have actually happened. No laws of physics allow it. It is, beyond a doubt, fake.

The equivalent of what you have just seen would be photos taken with a camera using crosshairs, with the crosshairs behind the thing or person photographed. It is impossible. While the footage of Biden walking was certainly “green-screened,” it doesn’t explain the hands-and-mic glitch. This only could have been created by very sloppy post-production editing.

The question will no doubt be asked in the coming days of why this footage was doctored to show mics, held out by reporters, when that did not – in reality – ever happen. And secondly, where is the U.S. president? Questions regarding Biden’s competency abound, and why exactly Americans are being given fake footage by the Ministry of Truth must be answered by the White House. In addition, why the press is helping to cover-up Biden’s incompetence and publish clearly doctored videos, like this one, must be answered.

Meanwhile, Montana Daily Gazette, Mile High Evening News, and a coalition of citizen journalists with the Gideon Knox Group are actually on the job.

If you’re skeptical, make sure you watch the footage above. Soon, you won’t be skeptical. It’s undeniable.

[Editor’s Note: Absurdly, Big Media is calling this a “technical glitch.” Darn straight it was.]


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